#ESTONIA: Live blog of Eesti Laul 2022 from 18.30 CET

#ESTONIA: Live blog of Eesti Laul 2022 from 18.30 CET

You can watch the action from Tallinn’s Saku Suurhall HERE. All times below are in GMT

20.47 – Naturally, we finish with Stefan’s song. Estonia has chosen well. Thanks for keeping with the blog for this excellent show. And tell us what you think about it. Good night!

20.44 – Srefan comes on stage to collect his prize, and the plaudits from the presenters and the audience. He’s a popular winner.

20.42 – And the winner is… Stefan!!!!

20.42 – Elysa finishes third.

20.41 – It’s nearly results time!

20.38 – And now a quick song from Jüri Pootsmann, called Jäljed jätsid tuulde

20.37 – Super Final televoting is over. We’ll soon have a result.

20.33 – One song has 62%, one 31% and one 6%. But who?

20.29 – Time for more meeting. The protagonists all look puzzled, as they would after weeks of meetings.

20.25 – He’s singing Mere lapsed, the masterpiece from 1998. Yes, 1998. I’m feeling really old now, as I was there in Birmingham all those years ago.

20.24 – Koit Toome – seen earlier – is now getting a tribute before he performs. He’s still got it too.

20.20 – It means all the previous Eesti Laul winners have fallen away. Estonia will have a brand representative in Turin.

20.19 – The top three are Minimal Wind & Elisabeth Tiffany, Stefan and Elysa!

20.18 – So how do things look? Remember, the top three go to the Super Final.

20.16 – The jury points get converted to 12, 10, 8. Then the public points get added the same way.

20.12 – Cabaret time now. It’s the band Terminaator with the song See ei ole saladus. A good old rock song.

20.08 – The televoting is over for now – until the superfinal. So we get another sketch.

20.06 – So how do things look after the jury?

20.04 – Another American juror Jonathan Perkins next. Minimal Wind gets his maximum.

20.03 – Over to Hungary. Lörinc Bubno likes Minimal Wind best.

20.02 – Australia next, and it’s Emily Griggs. Minimal Wind gets her 12 points

20.01 – Lotta Furebäck, also from Sweden, gives her 12 to Stefan

20.00 – Scarlet Keys is the American juror. She goes on a bit. She gives her maximum to Minimal Wind.

19.58 – Natalie Horder – for Germany is next. Her 12 points go to Anna Sahlene.

19.56 – Sweden is next. Per Sunding gives his votes and he likes Andrei Zevakin best.

19.54 – The fourth juror is Audrius Girzadas from Lithuania. His favourite? Stefan. They points are all over the place.

19.53 – Next is Marta Cagnola from Italy. Her favourite is Stig Rästa.

19.52 – Martin Sutton of the UK’s songwriting academy is next. He gives his maximum to Minimal Wind.

19.50 – It’s time to call in the international expert jury. It consists of Mr Lordi for starters. He likes Anna Sahlene best.

19.46 – They’re playing the sublime Fai rumore now. I’ve always said Estonians know a classy song when they hear it. And Soldi. And Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare). Always a crowd pleaser.

19.43 – Jüri now interviews Uku and a certain Koit Toome. It’s star after star tonight.

19.41 – In a nod to the contest being in Italy, pizza is distributed around the Green Room. Salami, mozzarella. Is there pineapple too?

19.37 – Another recap, and ‘news’ time.

19.32 – Anneli and Marko are singing at us in Estonian. It’s, in English, A little story in the music. It’s the song they sang during the 2002 Contest. They’ve still got it.

19.30 – We’re back! Are you excited yet?

19.00 – We break now for the news. Back at half past. Don’t go away!

18.56 – Back to Jüri in the Green Room. Anneli Peebo and Marko Matvere are there! They hosted Estonia’s contest in 2002. They’re looking well.

18.53 – We get another quick sketch. Of course, everything stops for the news at the top of the hour (21.00 in Tallinn, 19.00 GMT).

18.50 – Songs over, and we have a winner in there somewhere. I can’t call it, as several could win for different reasons. The televoters of Estonia are able to vote. So of course we get a quick recap. Don’t go away.

18.49 – A proper band here, and it’s a nicely bouncy tune. Not quite a floor filler but could well have that killer hook. It also sounds like it could be a soundtrack to a road movie. The lead singer makes good contact with the camera and there’s an air of experience about them. Maybe a dark horse.

18.45 – The final song tonight is Sandra by Black Velvet.

18.44 – Anna is in raspberry (perhaps). You can spot she’s done this sort of thing before, so the stage presence is there. And she has a Måns Zelmerlöw type backdrop. It has red smoke coming from behind her. Interesting. And there’s a very competent group of backing singers too. Her song is nicely familiar -almost formulaic – and this is bound to go down well. You know what you’re getting. It goes down really well.

18.39 – Song nine. This comes from Swede Anna Sahlene (EE 02) and is called Champion.

18.38 – Stefan has his guitar, and this has a very western vibe. There’s even a backdrop of the American west, with cowboys, to set it off. It’s a film soundtrack sort of song that’s not without its charm. I’m also getting Ghost riders in the sky. There’s good engagement with the sepia-tinted camera. The audience really like this. Could it be your winner? I’m not writing it off.

18.33 – Song eight is Hope from Stefan.

18.31 – Another sketch. We’re in a class room with – perhaps – one or two people that look too old to be there.

18.30 – Ooh now. This is moody. The band has one of those guitar riffs that draws you in. The downbeatness of this could strike a chord. It’s definitely minimal in sound and they have some great harmonies going on. But that guitar riff. I have goosebumps and I don’t know why. That would be something different in Tallinn.

18.25 – Song seven comes from Minimal Wind, featuring Elisabeth Tiffany. It’s called What to make of this.

18.24 – He’s dressed simply in a white t-shirt and black trousers. He gives us a very contemporary song with a big big chorus, and verses that ain’t bad either. He’s got a very interesting gimmick that appears to defy gravity. He lays back with one leg touching the ground. Nicely effective. Definitely in with a chance.

18.19 – It’s Stig Rästa singing song six. It’s called Interstellar

18.18 – Of course, a national final wouldn’t be a national final without chatter from the Green Room too. That’s where Jüri is. He’s doing magic tricks with Elina.

18.12 – Another sketch now, as we’re half way through the presentation of the songs.

18.11 – This has some staging. Black & white, and a sea of lights in the audience. He sat on a stool for this immediately pleasant ballad. We know he has a cracking voice and this really shows it off. There’s a massive reaction from the audience, and it’s the best-received song so far. Definitely in with a chance.

18.06 – It’s Ott Lepland (EE 12) now. He’ll be singing Aovalguses

18.05 – Back to English, and a song that kicks off a bit like something Beyoncé could sing. She’s in silver, flanked by two dancers. It could be a tribute to a certain Cypriot song from a few years ago. And the pyrotechnics definitely help it along. It actually sounds like different bits of lots of different songs that have made their mark on the Eurovision stage. That could help it along. It’s not necessarily my thing, but I get its appeal.

18.00 – Onto song four. It’s Elysa singing Fire. Ironically, her postcard shows her ice skating.

17.59 – We have a small sketch about Eesti Laul now. Meetings and planning are the order of the day. Just so the audience can get more lovely Saku, and we can mull over the first three songs.

17.57 – Fresh-faced Jaagup gives us more eesti keelt. And a stage full of dry ice. There are even trees on stage. It’s Horehronie all over again. The vibe is a bit more R&B as it gets going, but there are slower bits too. He moves around the stage pretty well and the lighting is very sympathetic. It builds nicely, with a bridge I wasn’t quite expecting before it kicks into the final chorus. It could be relying more on style than substance, but it’s not that bad.

17.53 – Song three is Kui vaid, sung by Jaagup Tuisk.

17.51 – Andrei starts backstage, somewhere in the bowels of the Suurhall. It’s novel. The he appears in the arena and makes his way to the stage. It’s rap – of sorts with a contemporary chorus. Grete is in silver, and not much of it. It’s not bad, and there’s lots of steadicam going on. Not bad, but probably not a winner.

17.47 – Song two is Mis nüüd saab from Andrei Zevakin and Grete Paia

17.46 – Elina starts in darkness. She’s in a very flattering outfit that includes a hood and lots of sparkly material. And black boots. As you’ll expect, the song is very operatic, demonstrating her great voice. As it builds, two dancers join her in front of a desert backdrop. They then attach the wires which raise her up above the stage. There’s thankfully no sudden drop this time – it’s far gentler. And with that the song ends somewhat suddenly. But not a bad opener.

17.40 – And we’re onto song one. It’s Remedy by Elina Nechayeva (EE 18).

17.39 – An international jury will help to choose tonight’s winners. And the hosts remind us this broadcast is being watched all over Europe and beyond.

17.37 – The hosts are Maarja-Liis Ilus (EE 96, EE 97), Jüri Pootsman (EE 16) and Priit Loog.

17.35 – We now get introduced to the 10 lucky finalists. The full audience in the Suurhall is very enthusiastic and it’s great to see.

17.34 – Uku Suviste is on stage, with a paired down version of The lucky one. It really demonstrates his excellent voice. He then takes us to his song Higher. And What love is too, with what sounds like a gospel choir. All very good.

17.31 – We get a very orchestral version of Te Deum. Very nice.

17.30 – And we’re off. Arguably one of the best national finals of the season.

Estonia, with one win under their Baltic belts, choose who gets the golden ticket for Turin tonight. Ten acts have been whittled down from the original 40. Will it be one of the four previous representatives, or will there be a brand new name winning Eesti Laul 2022?

Follow our blog, to see what we at Eurovision Ireland think of the 10 songs. Feel free to comment.

Author: John Stanton

Source: ERR Estonia, Eurovision Ireland

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