Eurovision 1970

#IRELAND: Dana Willing To Mentor Brooke In Turin

Ireland’s first winner, Dana, has announced she would clear her diary to mentor fellow Derry girl, Brooke Scullion in Turin. Dana spoke to the Irish Sun and had the following to say:

“I have plenty of experience. When I first went out to Eurovision in 1970, Ireland had never won Eurovision. I would never turn a Derry girl down and, if asked, I would make myself available for Turin in May.

I rate Brooke and I rate her song. This is a golden opportunity for Ireland to win at Eurovision again. To regain its ­position for producing world-class ­artists singers and songwriters. To put us back on the world stage.

Young people come out of these huge TV talent shows competitions with absolutely nothing. Brooke seems so talented as a singer and a writer. I’d happily give her advice about her career. I think her campaign should start now. I’d love to get her over to Britain and introduce her to my contacts in TV and radio. How great would it be if Brooke could go out to ­Eurovision backed by millions of UK votes.”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: The Irish Sun

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