Eurovision 2021

#GERMANY: Acts & Songs Revealed For Germany 12 Points

This morning, NDR, the German national broadcaster, have revealed the six acts and songs that are taking part in Germany 12 Points and a chance to represent the country at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Biographies of each act is below, but you can listen to the songs here:

Eros Atomus

At the age of 21, Eros Atomus is already a true global citizen, who speaks seven languages. He grew up in Bavaria with 11 siblings, and has lived in the USA, China, the Netherlands, the Caribbean and Italy. His mother is Danish, his father is Swiss – but he feels most at home in Flensburg in northern Germany. Aside from his achievement in reaching the final ofThe Voice of Germany in 2018, he’s best known for his strikingly unusual way of playing the guitar, known as “lap style”, which Eros invented himself. Influenced by many genres, cultures and languages, his songs tell stories of personal experiences with a blend of down-to-earthness and originality that’s destined to melt hearts.

Felicia Lu

Felicia Lu (26) lives in Vienna. She grew up in Freilassing, a small Bavarian town near the Austrian border. At the age of 15, she already knew she wanted to be a musician – a decision that attending a specialist music school and being part of a choir helped her to make. In 2015, she released her first original song, and in 2017 she made it to the German Eurovision heats for the first time. She began working as a musician full-time in 2021 and writes songs for herself and other artists. Her songs have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and plays on YouTube and streaming platforms. 

Maël & Jonas

Maël Brunner (26) and Jonas Brochhausen (20) come from Koblenz. Together, they make up the duo Maël & Jonas. They’ve already demonstrated their joyful exuberance and musical talent to an audience of millions inThe Voice of Germany, where they made history as the first duo ever to reach the final. Their single “Treat You Right”, which they performed at the final with Nico Santos, has been streamed millions of times. Maël & Jonas spend a lot of time together at the studio in Koblenz, write and produce their own songs and love being on stage. Maël, the older of the two, is a father. Alongside his musical career, he’s studying to be a teacher. Jonas, meanwhile, recently graduated from college and is focusing his energy on music.

Emily Roberts

Emily Roberts (28) is originally from Hamburg but now lives in Berlin. The daughter of a photographer and a musician, she grew up listening to the songs of the Beatles and Joni Mitchell. She started writing her own songs at 15 and signed her first record deal at 19. In 2019, her cover of “Bitter Sweet Symphony”, a collaboration with the DJ duo Gamper & Dadoni, spent 13 weeks in the German airplay charts (21 weeks in Austria) and went gold. Her song “In This Together”, which she wrote with Patrick Salmy, Ricardo Munoz and Thomas Steengaard, was used as the theme song for the 14th season of the German I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here! in 2020. She recently toured with James Blunt.

Nico Suave & Team Liebe

Nico Suave has teamed up with fellow artists NKSN, Buket and EMY to form Nico Suave & Team Liebe (“Team Love”). Nico Suave (43) and EMY (19) both live in Hamburg. That’s also where EMY was born, while Nico Suave originally hails from Menden. NKSN (28) and Buket (35) are from Berlin, though they grew up in Kiel and Hamburg. In the track “Diese Welt braucht Liebe” (“This World Needs Love”), Nico Suave, Teesy and 14 other German musicians showed just how well musical friendships can work. For Eurovision, Nico Suave brought his friends NKSN, Buket and EMY on board. Together, they created a track that picks up where “This World Needs Love” left off and asks, “Hey world! How’s it going?” With their Eurovision anthem, Nico Suave & Team Liebe want to inspire people to create some positive headspace and come back together.

Malik Harris

The German-American pop singer, rapper and songwriter Malik Harris (24) grew up near Landsberg am Lech. He too comes from a very musical family: “My grandpa was an opera singer, my grandma was a pianist and my dad plays several different instruments and teaches cello.” Malik’s first singles, “Say the Name” (2018) and “Welcome to the Rumble” (2019), were hits on the airplay charts and streaming platforms like Spotify. He began his first solo tour in May 2019. He has also opened for international acts like James Blunt, Alex Clare, Jeremy Loops, Tom Odell and LP. His debut album, Anonymous Colonist, came out in August 2021. Following the release of his single “When We’ve Arrived” in October 2020, he became the first German artist to feature on a Times Square billboard in New York, which ran for a whole week.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: NDR

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