#BIRTHDAY: Nina Zilli from Italy is 42 today

#BIRTHDAY: Nina Zilli from Italy is 42 today

When Italy came back to the party in 2011, they’ve had – arguably – the most consistent record of the Big Five. Some said Italy could win whenever they want, and unsurprisingly they did.

So we’ve got a contest in Italy to come? It will no doubt be an experience for all concerned. And who could they get to host? Well, it could be the today’s vivacious birthday girl Nina Zilli (née Maria Chiara Fraschetta). She’s judged on Italia’s Got Talent, as well as being a semi-regular at Sanremo. Back in 2012, she headed out east with the rest of us and finished ninth in Baku. She finished between two of the other Big Five and proved that Italy were back and meant business. So will we see her in Turin? Nina or not, it will definitely be an unforgettable fortnight.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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