#ThisWeek: Monday 24th – Sunday 30th January

This week sees the week-in, week-out 2022 National Final marathon continue! This week has seven shows and three announcements…

Monday 24th January

  • Ukraine – Vidbir Artists Announced

Tuesday 25th January

  • EBU – Semi Final Allocation Draw (11:00 GMT/12:00 CET)

Wednesday 26th January

  • Spain – Benidorm Fest Semi Final 1 (21:40 GMT/22:40 CET)

Thursday 27th January

  • Spain – Benidorm Fest Semi Final 2 (21:40 GMT/22:40 CET)

Friday 28th January

  • North Macedonia – Songs Released (21:00 GMT/22:00 CET)
  • Slovenia – EMA Freš (Time TBC)

Saturday 29th January

  • Lithuania – Pabandom iš naujo Semi Final 1 (19:00 GMT/20:00 CET)
  • Norway – Melodi Grand Prix Semi Final 3 (18:50 GMT/19:50 CET)
  • Spain – Benidorm Fest Grand Final (21:05 GMT/22:05 CET)

Sunday 30th January

  • Israel – X Factor Songs Revealed (Time TBC)

Our #LiveBlogs will of course continue throughout the week too. So stay with Eurovision Ireland through all the National Final evenings that lay ahead of us!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: eurovisionworld.com & eurovision.tv

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