Eurovision 2020

#BIRTHDAY: Natália Kelly from Austria is 27 today

#BIRTHDAY: Natália Kelly from Austria is 27 today

One thing about Eurovision that some of us have learnt over the years is the form has no memory. A country can win after a really poor result the previous year. Belgium 1985/86 anyone? Or Latvia 2001/02?

This brings to our friends in Austria. They’d be the first to admit their record was quite, erm, patchy over the years. They had big hopes for today’s birthday girl Natália Kelly who may have been cursed by her draw in the first semi-final. But from adversity, something good can happen the following year. Natália didn’t finish last in her semi, though points were tricky to come by. And she was a fair way from that crucial tenth qualifying spot. However, she can console herself in that she’s in an exclusive club with Linda Lepomme and Arnis Mednis. Lucky her.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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