#BIRTHDAY: Kate Miller-Heidke from Australia is 40 today

#BIRTHDAY: Kate Miller-Heidke from Australia is 40 today

You have three minutes. You have to make an impression. Maybe your vocals are beyond compare. But are they enough? Do you need that extra something to give you the edge? What could it be?

In 2019, today’s birthday girl Kate Melinda Miller-Heidke made the long journey from somewhere way outside of Europe to Tel Aviv. She had the voice, but what could that thing be? Well, with a song about defying gravity the answer was simple: to be attached a bendy straw. One that’s long, and strong enough to take the weight of your average Australian lady, obviously. And she threw in a couple for her ‘dancers’ for good measure. Did it work? Well, Kate won her semi-final and finished ninth in the Grand Final. Not Australia’s best ever performance, but still one many never thought would happen.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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