As we have seen , recently with Måneskin’s song “Beggin” being used as one the dance tracks for one of the Strictly Come Dancing 2021 couples, Eurovision often makes its presence felt in the UK’s leading Dance competition. This week, while we haven’t had a former Eurovision song in any of the dances performed by the remaining couples in the competition , we at Eurovision Ireland couldn’t help but wonder if Adam Peaty and Katya Jones, when performing their Halloween special Viennese waltz to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata , were influenced in their choreography by a certain Eurovision performance in 2006 by Dima Bilan from Russia . In their performance Katya , dressed in her Halloween demon attire was seen emerging from inside a piano before heading onto the dance floor with Adam . In the choreography for his song “Never let you go”, which Dima Bilan performed for Russia in Athens in 2006 , a lady dressed as a white ghost like figure emerges from a piano covered in red rose petals . Have a look at both performances :

Katya is Russian, like Dima. Could she possibly have been inspired by his 2006 performance when planning the choreography for her dance with Adam Peaty ? It was also Adam and Katya who danced to Måneskin’s “Beggin'” a few weeks ago.

It is certainly going to be interesting in the remaining weeks of Strictly 2021 to see if any more Eurovision influences appear in the contest. Keep watching our site for more news on this .

Author: Sarah Rudman

Image Source : BBC, You Tube

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