#HALL OF FAME: Our ninth and tenth inductees

#HALL OF FAME: Our ninth and tenth inductees

Here at Eurovision Ireland, we want to celebrate those most illustrious people who have made our favourite TV show the thing that it is today.

In each edition, we’ll induct two performer or personalities from somewhere in Eurovision land. These two inductees won their respective countries’ Best of… votes.

So who’s first?

We start with Denmark. In the late 1980s, they were having a very good run of form. There was no win, but they were in the mix for five years in a row. In 1989 they managed a creditable third place with the legendary Birthe Kjær. Her crowd pleasing song with co-writers Søren Bundgaard and Keld Heick caught the attention. And when the beckoned the conductor Henrik Krogsgaard joined the fray, a classic was confirmed. Let’s welcome Vi maler byen rød to the Hall of Fame.

Our tenth inductee(s) go down the same crowd-pleasing route. KEiiNO, with their mixture of capital letters and smaller ones that form a Nordic cross proved a massive hit when they won the ticket to sunny Tel Aviv. KEiiNO are Tom Hugo, Fred Buljo and Alexandra Rotan. Their mix of traditional and modern earned them a sixth place, scoring hugely from the televoting half of the combined vote. Let’s welcome Norway’s favourite threesome to our Hall of Fame.

Stay tuned for more Hall of Fame inductees.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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