#BIRTHDAY: Roger Pontare from Sweden is 70 today

#BIRTHDAY: Roger Pontare from Sweden is 70 today

Hang on to your hats. To some people, today’s song comes from the only country that matters in Eurovision. No, it’s not Malta, although would you be happier if it was?

Of course I’m talking about Sweden. Some would like the contest held there every year. Personally not me as I’m only a poor bureaucrat. But as it happens, this song from birthday boy (Fred) Roger Pontare (né Roger Johansson) was performed in the giant golf ball that is Globen in Stockholm. His schtick may not be quite the Schlager or sparkly costumes that some crave. But Mr P was backed by the Kasaluk Qaviqaq – can you imagine a finer name? Needless to say this song went down a storm in 2000, and came seventh. It’s three minutes of pure lovable lunacy.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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