#BIRTHDAY: Jeane Manson is 71 today

#BIRTHDAY: Jeane Manson is 71 today

There have been many false flaggers taking part in our favourite TV show. For some, it’s obvious they’ve been parachuted in to sing for a country that’s not their own. But for others, they might as well be a native of the country they sing for. Well, almost.

Today’s birthday girl Jean Ann ‘Jeane’ Manson sang for Luxembourg. Ohioan by birth, she made the trip to the Francophone world in her twenties and never looked back, even though she had been a Playboy playmate. By 1979, RTL picked her to go to Jerusalem. It must have made her one of the most-travelled singers ever to be on a stage. She finished 13th out of 19, but still scored a whole load of points in what was a fairly close contest. Luxembourg have had five wins in their time, and who wouldn’t love to see them back?

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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