#BIRTHDAY: Geta Burlacu from Moldova is 47 today

#BIRTHDAY: Geta Burlacu from Moldova is 47 today

Europe is a rich continent, full of countries of all shapes and sizes. Plenty of big ones have won, as well as a few little ones. For some of these smaller nations, Eurovision is an ideal place to sell yourself.

Our friends in Moldova are always enthusiastic participants, and have even managed a third place. But it’s not always been that success. In 2008 today’s Geta Burlacu (née Georgeta Povorozniuc) sat on a sofa, cuddled a teddy bear and gave us a slightly jazzy little ditty, replete with saxophone. Luck wasn’t quite on her side, and for a few years every other Moldovan performance did better than her. It’s not the case now. She did get one set of 10 points, but not enough others to bridge what was a 36 point gap to tenth place.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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