Eurovision 2021

#ESC2021: #LiveBlog of the 2021 Grand Final Jury Final – #JoinUs from 20:00 BST/21:00 CEST

#ESC2021: Live Blog of the Jury Grand Final – 20:00 BST/21:00 CEST

We are now at the serious end of the fortnight. Tonight is that part of Grand Final weekend when the international juries start to pick their favourites. The televoters get their go tomorrow night.

#JoinUs as we blog all the action from the Jury Grand Final. Will the favourites live up to expectations? Will a surprise package emerge? Just hit refresh for our latest thoughts.

And the Grand Final of the 2021 Jury Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final is about to begin. The opening sequence is similar to the Semi Finals.

We start with the flag parade, an annual tradition, that was started in Malmo, Sweden, back in 2013. We don’t have physical flags this year, rather graphics using the flag colours instead. While this is happening, we have the traditional Eurovision song, “Venus” been played. With the exception of Nikke, the Presenters perform “Venus”.

Nikke, opens the show and joins thew other singing-presenters on stage. Highlighting the pandemic, Nikke explains this event is just what we needed. The running order is up and yet again we get a message of “that app”.


The Contest starts with a banger and Elena will certainly grabs everyone’s attention for the Contest going forward. The performance sees the first of mainly sparkly silver dresses – something you the viewer and Staggy himself, will be accustomed to.


Running order spot two. Sorry Albania, this is the graveyard spot where no one has ever won from. It has the Fuego vibe about it, but as we all know, Fuego has been over done. Also., second silver dress of the evening too!


Israel deliver a consistent performance – just like they have been doing throughout the fortnight. It’s fun and lively.


To one of the true story telling songs of the evening. It may be dark and mysterious, but it comes across well. Sadly, I feel it may get forgotten with it on so early.


This entry has grown on me. It has a strong ethnic feel which I appreciate and comes across. This could do really well or be an accidental winner that we have spoken about previously.


Could Destiny do the JESC & ESC double? As I’ve said before, she is very confident and oozes the female empowerment that she is trying to convey. Destiny really deserves to do well and finish at least in the top 5, if not higher. Third silver dress alert!


Any fan wanting to feel a bit of classic (50s/60s) Eurovision, then Portugal is the one entry you will want to vote for. This screams accidental winner to me.


If I’m honest, I’m not sure how Serbia made it through to the Grand Final. The synchronisation is still outing it’s still not my idea of a Finalist.

United Kingdom

The UK and James Newman have achieved a strong standard of performance they need for this jury final. The stage performance comes across really strong and everyone in the press centre is really happy.


Green screen technology is in play here. For once, everything as seems has to come into play tonight. It’s a good euro-pop and will appeal to a wide range of the audience.


Now for a change in pace with one of the favourites for the Contest. This is a very classical performance, that will favour with the juries. This will appeal to a strong fanbase too.


We are seeing the same as the same thing since their second rehearsal due to the unfortunate Covid19 positive test. They should still achieve a top 5 finish.


Blas delivers another strong classical performance of the Spanish entry, with the giant room hanging dangerously above his head. This isn’t as strong as Switzerland of France in the classical stakes. Sorry Blas.


Fourth silver dress! While we haven’t got an 80s vibe about the song, it’s the last remaining song that uses the pink and blue neon lighting. This had made the Final without the Ice Cones etc, however the performance in the Final lack the gimmick that it needs.


It doesn’t matter where Germany finishes, this just oozes fun all over it’s stage performance. While some may take the mick out of Jendrik, he could achieve a really high position.


From the fun of Germany, to the heavy rockers of Finland. It is quite a change and it is considered a marmite song amongst many of us. No doubt it’ll do well within the Scandinavian block.


For the first time in a while, we have an emotionally led sung song, which also tells a story throughout. This should do well, but sandwiched by adverts, I can see this been lost with the televoters, juries on the other hand should score this well.


Fun, fun and more fun is delivered by The Roop. The Roop have nailed the performance and will do well with both the televoters and juries!


Here comes Go_A and “Shum”. It’s traditional, ethnic and sang in their native language. The traditional Saturday night viewer may be slightly baffled by “Shum”, but they will get drawn in by Go_A and their brilliance. Definitely deserves a top 5 placing.


Barbara is delivering another strong classical performance, which could be in for a win. Like Switzerland, it is darkly lit, which is part of the appeal. This should appeal to the juries in droves. Another top 5 surely?


This too has the ethnic sounds about it, which I appreciate. However, this isn’t as strong as “Cleopatra” last year and I can’t see it scoring highly.


For this that have had a drink this time tomorrow night, TIX will be a sight for sore eyes. You can’t fault it’s a catchy tune and by this time in the evening, it may be one that sticks with people.

The Netherlands

As we have said previously over the past fortnight, this is a real strong home entry for many years. This should do really well, not just for the song, but the overall stage production is colourful and has a debut language of Sranan Tongo.


From the strong entry from The Netherlands, to the heavy rockers of Italy. It is quite a change and it is considered a marmite song amongst many of us. It is currently considered the overall favourite.


Sweden have not done much to change the Melodifestivalen performance and while the vocals of Tusse is still very strong, it just feels safe. No doubt they will get on the left hand side of the scoreboard, but purely because they are Sweden – sadly.

San Marino

You can fault that this is an amazing performance to finish the main show on – improved even further by Flo-Rida turning up finally in Rotterdam. Another marmite song, but this will achieve dizzy heights for San Marino.

And that is it from us at Eurovision Ireland tonight. We don’t want to spoil the interval acts for you, so that is why the blog ends here. Thank you for all your support you have given us over the past fortnight, but we still have more 2021 Eurovision Song Contest content coming your way over the next few days.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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