Eurovision 2021

#ESC21: Celebrating Switzerland At Eurovision

Over the course of April and May, on the lead up to the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, we will be celebrating the countries that are participating this year in Rotterdam. Today, we celebrate Switzerland.

Switzerland debuted at the Contest in 1956, in Lugano, Switzerland. Lys Assia finished in first place with her entry “Refrain”, with an unknown score. Lys also performed “Das alte Karussell”. “Refrain” was one of Switzerland’s two most successful entries.

Video: YouTube/Ismail Uzunoglu

The most successful entry from Switzerland was in 1956 (as seen in their debut entry above) and 1988. In 1988, when the Contest took place in Dublin, Ireland, Celine Dion finished in first place with her entry “Ne partez pas sans moi”, scoring 137 points. This included three sets of twelve points from Germany, Portugal and Sweden.

Video: YouTube/escLIVEmusic1

The most recent Swiss entry was due to be in 2020, when the cancelled Contest was due to take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Gjon’s Tears was due to represent Switzerland with her entry “Répondez-moi”.

Video: YouTube/EBU

This year, Switzerland will be represented by Gjon’s Tears with his song “Tout l’Univers”. Will Gjon’s Tears take Switzerland to their third victory?

Video: YouTube/EBU

Join us later today, as we celebrate Denmark’s participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. Let us know what you think about the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest – either in the comments below or on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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