#BIRTHDAY: Boaz Ma’uda from Israel is 34 today

#BIRTHDAY: Boaz Ma’uda from Israel is 34 today

The last contest to actually take place was in Israel. It was a good old affair, amongst the warmth of the eastern Mediterranean. Were you there? It was as a result of Israel’s fourth win 42 attempts. Not a bad success rate.

In 2008, we were also out east for the contest in Belgrade. That year Israel sent today’s birthday boy בועז מעודה/Boaz Ma’uda. He’d sung all the songs in his national final, so knew he’d be there at the first semi-final on 20 May. He might have been worried as he was second to perform. But as it happened he was the only one in the first six to make the prestigious Grand Final. He then managed a creditable ninth place. It’s still one of Israel’s best ever finishes this century. So i goes to show that you don’t need the alleged neighbourly voting to do well.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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