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OneDayLove – Finland 2013 – Mikael Saari- We Should Be Through (UMK Finalist)

Hello dear readers of Eurovision Ireland!

Today we continue with our exciting series: One Day Love!

Each week we celebrate one song from Eurovision History. Here, you can find facts like: year, country, artist, title of the song, lyrics (translations when the song is in another language other than English), video, points and placement in the semi-final, final or even national final (if the song only performed at that stage of the competition).

This week we have a special guest for our One Day Love, and it comes this time all the way from Finland. We should be through – A heartbreaking ballad that put a spell over our souls.

Year: 2013

Country: Finland

Artist:  Mikael Saari

Title: We Should Be Through


You see, I stand on my two feet
And all I try I succeed, I am no clown
Now I do just what I like to do
I don’t have to fight, I just wear my crown

But when I lay myself down

I’m more than alright, can’t you see me smile?
And why shouldn’t I? I’ve all these people around
And that girl, she keeps me sane
In so many ways that would make you frown

But when I lay myself down
When I lay myself down
When I lay myself down

But I throw myself at you
And I can’t go on
Because you keep me holding on


Procentage of votes in the UMK 2013 Final: 16.5%

Place in the UMK Final: 2nd

Who would you like to see next in our One Day Love celebration? Let us know in the comments section below!

Author: Bogdan Fedeles

Source: YouTube,

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