#AtoZ: Norway In Eurovision – Part 4/6

Welcome to our first country-specific #AtoZ series. During the National Final season, we will look at a different country alphabetically each week. This week, we are looking at Norway and today we are looking at N-R…

Nora Brockstedt

Nora Brockstedt was the first person to represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest. Nora represented in country with “Voi Voi”, at the 1960 Contest, which took place in London, in the United Kingdom. She finished in 4th place, with a total of 11 points.

Video: YouTube/ESC:56-73


Oslo hosted the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions – in 1996, when the Contest was held at the Oslo Spectrum and again in 2010, when the Contest was held at the Telenor Arena. In 2010, the interval act of the Grand Final involved the audience, led by Madcon.

Video: YouTube/NRK

Per Sundnes

Per Sundnes hosted Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian national selection for a number of years. Per also commentated at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 and 2008.

Video: YouTube/melodigrandprix

Q Is For…

Q is for NOTHING. We could not find a Q for our A-Z, but if you can, let us know in the comments below or on our Social Media streams.

Roald Øyen

Roald Øyen appeared as both a Commentator and Spokesperson infrequently between 1963 and most recently, 2003.

We will be back tomorrow with our #AtoZ of Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest, with letters S, T, U and V.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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