#JESC20: Junior Eurovision A-Z – Part 5/6

Welcome to our first A-Z series of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest – ahead of the 2020 Contest in Warsaw. Today, we look at our first ever S, T, U and V…

S is for…

Sofia hosted the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in Bulgaria – the first Eurovision event to be held in the country. Destiny Chukunyere took victory for Malta in Sofia with “Not My Soul”.

Video: YouTube/EBU

T is for…

TVP Headquarters, the home of the Polish national broadcaster, will be the unusual venue for this year’s unusual Contest. TVP Headquarters will be linking the recorded performances from their home countries, rather than hosting them.

U is for…

The United Kingdom participated at the Contest in the first three editions. Unlike the Eurovision Song Contest where the BBC are responsible for the participation, itv were responsible. Cory Spedding achieved their best result – second, with “The Best Is Yet To Come”.

Video: YouTube/EBU

V is for…

Vincenzo Cantiello took victory for Italy on their debut, back in 2014, when the Contest took place in Marsa, Malta. Vincenzo sang “Tu primo grande amore”.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Join us tomorrow for the final part of our A-Z of Junior Eurovision, during the 2020 Contest week.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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