American Song Contest

#USA: American Song Contest – Format, Song Selections, Host Broadcaster & More

More news about the forthcoming American Song Contest has been revealed by Ola Melzig. While initial reports suggest autumn 2021 for the Contest to take place, it may take place in spring 2022 instead.

The Format & Broadcaster

There will be two Semi Finals, consisting of ten songs each, with five progressing from each Semi Final, to make a ten song Grand Final line-up.

There is still some discussion on how the Heats will look like depending on the Broadcaster picked to produce the Contest. The ideal format is five Heats with ten songs in each, with four songs progressing to the Semi Finals. One potential broadcaster however would like ten Heats of five songs, with only two progressing.

Ten networks showed an initial interest when the format was announced. An announcement is due this month in regards to the network who’ll be broadcasting the American Song Contest.

Song Selections & Their Evolution

Each state will need to pick at least three original songs to take part in their selection. The selection for that state can take place in a number of ways. If a televised Contest can’t take place because the Host Network doesn’t have an affiliated broadcaster for instance, selections could take place through social media platforms, specific apps or music streaming services.

While the production team is likely to be heavily involved in selecting songs for the State Selections, the individual states are expected to take full control through their affiliated broadcasters within the first three years.

Eurovision Song Contest

Ola Melzig explained how the two Contests could interact:

“We want to have the American Song Contest available over the EBU feed in Europe. We want Europe to access this and maybe the winner of Eurovision is an interval act at the American contest. We would love to have our winner represented at Eurovision as an interval.”

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix World

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