#BULGARIA: Deep Zone Project Want To Return To Eurovision

Deep Zone Project have announced on the release of their new single, “Funk You”, that they want to return to the Eurovision Song Contest in the future.

Video: YouTube/Deep Zone Project

Founding member of Deep Zone Project, DJ Dian Solo, had the following too say on future participation and VICTORIA:

“We will be happy to return to the Eurovision stage in the future.

We are great friends with Vicky, especially Eva, who is a fellow X Factor alumni. We love her music and I even plan to make a dance remix of Tears Getting Sober because it could sound really great.”

Here is a reminder of their entry from the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, when Deep Zone Project finished in 11th place with 56 points, in the second semi final:

Video: YouTube/MusicOfTheWorld2008

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Vasil Ivanov/BNT

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