Best of the Big 5

#POLL – Best of the Big 5 – UNITED KINGDOM – VOTE for your all time favourite!

Let’s face it, for all the complaining that the Big 5 have it easy at the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s actually not so glamourous. Sure they get an automatic spot in the final, but for many years this didn’t translate into placing on the scoreboard!

In this new series, ‘Best of the Big 5’, Eurovision Ireland are going to put the spotlight on the contest’s major financial contributors and find out just who is your favourite for each country.

It’s finally here – the last poll in our Best of the Big 5 series! You’ve spent the last two weeks voting for your favourite entries from the United Kingdom and we have out 20 finalists. But with only one spot in the Eurovision Ireland Hall of Fame, who will it go to?

Here are the fully adjudicated results from both our semi finals, one for songs from odd numbered years and one for even. Both polls are now closed, but if you want to take a peak and see where the other songs ranked, check them out on our Odd Years Poll and Even Years Poll.

1stBetter The Devil You Know (1993) 623 pointsOoh Aah… Just A Little Bit (1996)466 points
2ndLove Shine A Light (1997) 471 pointsCome Back (2002)375
3rdNever Give Up On You (2017)468 pointsWhere Are You? (1998)368 points
4thI Can (2011)454 pointsKnock, Knock, Who’s There? (1970)362 points
5thPuppet On A String (1967)380 pointsDon’t Play That Song Again (2000)329  points
6thMaking Your Mind Up (1981)372 pointsSave Your Kisses For Me (1976)304 points
7thA Message To Your Heart (1991)367 pointsBeg, Steal or Borrow (1972)291 points
8th Jack In The Box (1971)366 pointsOne Step Further (1982)283 points
9thSing, Little Birdie (1959)345 pointsCongratulations (1968)250 points
10thBoom Bang-A-Bang (1969)329 pointsOne Step Out Of Time (1992) 247 points

But don’t let these results influence you – all scores have been reset, so it really is anyone’s game! Any one of these 20 songs could be crowned your favourite Eurovision song from the United Kingdom!

As well as bragging rights ad infinitum, the winner of our poll will also be granted passage into the hallowed Eurovision Ireland Hall of Fame – exciting stuff!

Use your votes wisely – as always, you can vote for your Top 10! The results will be announced in a video that will be posted next week – so don’t delay, cast your vote!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland
Image Source: wikipedia

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