Eurovision 2020

#JESC20: Ranina Fourth Round Results; Semi Finalists Known

The fourth and final themed round of Ranina, “World Musical Tour”, has been completed in Georgia over the past two weeks. Each week, five of the ten finalists took to the stage. Here are the results as they stand after four rounds:

  • 483 points – Sandra Gadelia
  • 474 points – Rato Gelovania
  • 470 points – Nia Khinchikashvili
  • 468 points – Shio Kavsadze
  • 466 points – Marita Khvedelidze
  • 465 points – Veronika Shamugia
  • 459 points – Sesili Turmanidze, Gio Gogiaskvili & Lela Kveniashvili
  • 456 points – Nikoloz Maghradze

The five acts scoring the most, who are highlighted in bold above, progress to the semi final next week. The three highest scoring acts in the semi final will progress to the final and a chance of representing Georgia. The Final of Ranina will take place on Friday 13th November.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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