#BIRTHDAY: Daniel from Yugoslavia is 65 today

#BIRTHDAY: Daniel from Yugoslavia is 65 today

The country that was Yugoslavia made 27 appearances in our favourite TV show. As we know, it’s successor states have had varying fortunes since they took its place, but Yugoslavia itself wasn’t without success.

For years, when they showed up it was the only time we heard a Slavic tongue, and aside from one win, they next best finish was several fourth places. One of these fourths was attributed to today’s birthday boy Даниел/Daniel (né Милан Поповић/Milan Popović). There must have been high hopes in Belgrade when those points started to come in, and he got five sets of 12. Sadly he was beaten by songstresses from Luxembourg, Israel and Sweden. Our Danny could console himself as the top bloke in 1983, and he would be the highest-ever scorer from Yugoslavia until that win six years later.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton

Source: OnEurope.biz

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