Eurovision 2020

#JESC20: 13 Participating Countries & Maybe More?!

On Tuesday, we REVEALED the 2020 Participation List for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest – or so we thought. With the format change of pre-recorded performances, the EBU have announced a possible increase to twenty participating countries – although a deadline is currently unknown.

The EBU told ESCplus the following:

“The list of participating broadcasters released isn’t necessarily the final one – indeed, we would welcome other nations coming on board to JESC 2020, up to our maximum of 20 broadcasters.

I can’t give you a specific deadline at this point, but common-sense probably dictates that if additional broadcasters do want to come on board, then we’d like to hear from them sooner rather than later!”

Could Albania, Australia, Ireland, Italy, North Macedonia, Portugal and Wales make a u-turn in their withdrawal this year? Could one of 20+ previous participating countries make a return? Only time will tell.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: ESCplus

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