Eurovision 2020

#SWITZERLAND: Participation Very Unlikely In Future EBU ‘Cultural’ Contests

Markus Wicker, a former Producer of Culture, Music and Events at SRF, one of the Swiss national broadcasters, has explained to Eurofestivales why the country no longer participates at Young Musicians, Young Dancers and Choir. The two main reasons are budget and audience interest.

Markus Wicker said the following:

“I am not informed about the reasons that led to the decision to leave the Young Musicians event, this was before my mandate. But in the meantime, the Music and Events budgets have been cut to a certain extent, which does not allow participation, since, if I am not mistaken, this includes the “moral” obligation to eventually be the host country. We do not have the means for such production.

Our dance and choir contents have lost interest, in addition to those that were deliberately aimed at the Swiss audience and produced by our colleagues in the entertainment department.”

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurofestivales

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