#HappyNewYear: The 2021 Eurovision Season starts here

HappyNewYear: The 2021 Eurovision Season starts here

Happy New Year!

You may be wondering why we’re playing a non-Eurovision song (even if it’s by an obscure Nordic band from the 1970s). Well, from today, any song released for public consumption is eligible for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, it’s eight months away, but it’ll fly by.

Of course, we say eight months, but things are far less certain than they were this time last year. We’ve missed one contest, travel is restricted like never before, and this unseen menace of Covid-19 is there wherever you look – unless you live in a Pacific Ocean nation. Hi there, Tonga!

We at Eurovision Ireland are taking the optimistic approach. The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Rotterdam on 18, 20 and 22 May. Broadcasters from 31 countries have already said they’ll be in Rotterdam, with more likely to confirm in the coming weeks. We know that, for now, 19 acts who were going to Rotterdam back in May are already going there next year. More might follow.

What we do know is the 2021 National Final season will be very different. We may not get the same old circus that starts in Tirana in late December and usually finishes in Stockholm in early March. There could be more internal selections. There could be more national finals with only one participant. It will be different, but it will be no less exciting.

What you can rely on though is for Eurovision Ireland to continue our coverage of how things will unfold. We value you as readers and viewers, and are so glad you keep coming back to us for our output. We may have an interesting take on the eight-week-long national final that yields a winner that is a guaranteed semi-finalist. We may question the national final that lasts seven hours, even if the victor could challenge for the win in the Netherlands. We may hope that [insert name here] finally gets the chance to represent [insert country here]. But we will be there through thick and thin.

So what are your hopes for the 2021 season?

Do you think the contest will go ahead? Do you think a certain singer/band should sing for their country? Tell us your thoughts.

Author: Eurovision Ireland

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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