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Here Today,Gone Tomorrow:Life after Eurovision

Over the years since our beloved contest began , way back in 1956, many artists have graced the Eurovision stage over the years, enjoying the opportunity to make themselves known far and wide.

But…what happened once all that preparation for the contest and the actual appearance was done? What became of those acts and did Eurovision make or break them? In our series, Here today, Gone tomorrow, we at Eurovision Ireland are taking a look at what happened for Eurovision acts after representing their country at the contest. This week we are focusing on :

Getty Kaspers !

Getty was lead singer for the group Teach-in , who won the contest for The Netherlands in 1975, 44 years before their most recent victory last year with Duncan Laurence and ” Arcade”

Life Before Eurovision

Getty was born in Graz, Austria in 1948. Her career began in 1971 when she joined the band Teach -in , they had three top 15 hits in The Netherlands and some international successes, being popular in their home land and in the country next door, Belgium. In 1975 Getty, along with Teach-in took part in Nationaal SongFestival, the Dutch National final to select the Dutch representative for ESC 1975 in Stockholm, Sweden. The Final was decided in two rounds , the first one to select the song and the 2nd to select the act, both Ding a dong and Teach -In won the rounds comfortably .

This is what Ding a dong may have sounded like had one of the other acts won. Would Netherlands still have won with either of these two acts?

Getty , together with Teach-in opened ESC 1975 in Stockholm, they won the contest with 152 points .

Life after Eurovision

Getty went solo in 1979 , with Teach-in having split the year before following disappointing sales of their album ” Get on Board”. In 1978 , she joined her bandmate John Gaasbeek together with Wilma van Diepen and formed The Balloon , however after a few songs and little success , they too broke up .In 1997 , Teach-in reunited and re-recorded old hits , singing Ding-a Dong at a show in Maastricht in 2007.In 2009 they released a greatest hits album

Further links with Eurovision

Getty remains to this day, a familiar face on the Eurovision scene . The year after Teach-in’s victory, she was at the 1976 contest in The Hague presenting the winners of the contest , Brotherhood of Man of the UK , with their prizes .

In 1978, 1982 and 2009, she was a member of the jury for the Dutch National finals for choosing their Eurovision entry. She also appeared in a Eurovision documentary in 2005 “Tour D’Eurovision” , celebrating 50 years of the Eurovision song contest and which highlighted best Eurovision performances .

She also performed at the Dutch National final in 2001 as an interval act

Getty was also present at the Dutch National final in 2012 and also performed at the opening of the 2009 contest in Moscow, Russia .

Over the last decade, Getty has made many appearances , either for interviews relating to the contest or performing at Eurovision related events , such as Eurovision in Concert and also in Het Grote Songfestivaalfest , as recently as last year .

Getty was due to make an appearance as one of the interval acts together with other past Dutch Eurovision stars at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam this year but unfortunately the contest was cancelled due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus Pandemic earlier this year . Let’s hope that Getty gets to perform at the contest in Rotterdam next year !

Author-Sarah Rudman

Sources- NOS Eurovision.TV You Tube ESCLive WDR Wikipedia Good Evening Europe

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