Here Today, Gone tomorrow: Life after Eurovsion

Over the years since our beloved contest began , way back in 1956, many artists have graced the Eurovision stage over the years, enjoying the opportunity to make themselves known far and wide.

But…what happened once all that preparation for the contest and the actual appearance was done? What became of those acts and did Eurovision make or break them? In our series, Here today, Gone tomorrow, we at Eurovision Ireland are taking a look at what happened for Eurovision acts after representing their country at the contest. This week we are focusing on :


Background prior to Eurovision

Charlotte was born Charlotte Nilsson in 1974 in Hovmantorp, Sweden . At the age of 13 years old ,she joined a local dance band called Bengt Invars. On finishing her schooling , she moved to the town of Vaxjo, where she attended the High school of performing arts , afterwards becoming the lead singer of a band, Kendix. In 1994 , she started singing with the well established dance band Anders Engbergs and then in 1997 joined the band Wizex . Charlotte also appeared in a Swedish soap opera , Vita Lögner

Charlotte at Eurovision

In 1999, Charlotte won the Melodifestivalen final and went on to Jerusalem to represent Sweden at the Eurovision song contest 1999 with ” Take me to your Heaven “, which was Sweden’s 4th win at that time. Charlotte never actually got to be presented with the winning trophy before her reprise due to the previous year’s winner, Dana International falling to the stage after pretending the trophy was too heavy !

Life after Eurovision 1999

Charlotte’s relationship with Eurovision didn’t stop following her victory in 1999, although she didn’t make an appearance at the 2000 contest in Stockholm, as is usually traditional for the winner of the previous year’s contest to do , it is said that this was due to a dispute with Sweden’s broadcaster SVT . She toured Europe and the Middle East and produced her first solo album . She recorded several albums and singles and in 2010 recorded a single for the Swedish royal wedding together with Magnus Carlsson. She has also played Eva Peron in the Swedish version of Evita.

Charlotte returned to Eurovision as a performer in 2008 when she narrowly won Melodifestivalen with her song “Hero” , giving her the chance to represent Sweden for a second time in Belgrade, Serbia . Unfortunately she couldn’t repeat the dizzy heights of 1999 and only just qualified for the final from the semi final, on a jury decision at the expense of FYR Macedonia ( now North Macedonia) . In the Grand Final she could only achieve 18th place after being considered a pre contest favorite to win .

Despite her 2008 disappointment , this didn’t put Charlotte off trying to represent her country again and she participated in Melodifestivalen again in 2012 with the song ” The girl” ,trying to win the right to represent her country again in the 2012 contest in Baku . This time she only made fifth in the 4th semi final , failing to qualify for the final . Melodifestivalen was won that year , as we all know by now , by Loreen , who went on to win the Eurovision song contest in Baku with “Euphoria”

Charlotte has had other connections with Eurovision , besides being a performer at the contest . In 2003 and 2004 , she was one of the Melodifestivalen presenters . She has also sung one of the tracks from her album ‘Braveheart’ with Kate Ryan, who represented Belgium in 2006 called ‘ Little Braveheart ‘. She has also performed with Dana international as an interval act at Melodifestival 2019 and produced a single with her; ‘Diva to Diva ‘. Charlotte was one of the commentators for SVT at the Eurovision Song contest in Tel Aviv .

Charlotte also has a family connection with Eurovision, in 2003 she married Swedish/Italian Nicola Ingrosso , whose brother married another Swedish singer , Pernilla Wahlgren, they had a son Benjamin Ingrosso, who followed in his Aunt’s footsteps and represented Sweden at the ESC 2018 in Lisbon, with ‘Dance you off’.

Charlotte and her husband changed their family name to Perrelli following a dispute with the Ingrosso family, She and Nicola divorced in 2009 , having had two children, she is now married to Anders Jensen, with who she has two more children.

Charlotte has certainly done a lot since her victory way back 21 years ago in Jerusalem. Would you like to see her play some part in Eurovision again some time in the future ? As a performer? Giving the Swedish votes? Interval act? We welcome any thoughts on that .

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source & Image sources : Eurovision.TV, SVT, Wikipedia, You Tube.

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