#BIRTHDAY: Tamara Todevska is 35 today

#BIRTHDAY: Tamara Todevska is 35 today

A new month and we would normally be in the post-Eurovision period, and maybe suffering from post-Eurovision depression. But no Eurovision and no depression, right?

So how to get over PED? Well, we can look back at those heart-warming performances, such as the one from today’s birthday girl Тамара Тодевска/Tamara Todevska. After a dalliance with a couple of pals in 2008, Tamara came back as a soloist in Tel Aviv in a big dress and lots of mirrors. She had more success in 2019, finishing second in her semi-final and seventh in the big Grand Final. Her song wasn’t that big with the televoters, but the juries loved it. She even got a maximum from the sometimes sniffy UK jury. Now that must be enough to assuage any PED you might have.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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