Best of the Big 5

#POLL – Best of the Big 5 – SPAIN’s Odd Years

Let’s face it, for all the complaining that the Big 5 have it easy at the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s actually not so glamourous. Sure they get an automatic spot in the final, but for many years this didn’t translate into placing on the scoreboard!

In this new series, ‘Best of the Big 5’, Eurovision Ireland are going to put the spotlight on the contest’s major financial contributors and find out just who is your favourite for each country.

But as voting for 50+ songs for each member of the Big 5 would be a Herculean task, we’ll make it easier for you and split them down into 2 semi finals a la the contest, then combine these results for a final – so let’s start with Spain!

25-10-21-22-26-23-22…. no, not the phone number of some beautiful Spaniard, but rather the placings of Spain at the last 7 Eurovisions… for the country that was the first ever to win the contest twice in a row and also have some of the most ardent fans of any Eurovision nation, there are many theories as to why their recent entries haven’t faired so well. But rather then focus on these results at the contest, let’s see which song is YOUR favourite Spanish Eurovision entry ever!

As Spain have sent 59 songs to Eurovision over the years, we’ve split them down the middle by odd and even numbers, depending on what year they entered the contest. So here are Spain’s Odd Year Entries – songs that entered in years ending in 1,3,5,7 or 9.

Your favourite not here? Don’t worry! Even Year Entries coming soon! The Top 10 entries from both semi finals will go on to a grand final, which will then crown your favourite Spanish Eurovision entry!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland

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