Eesti Laul 2020

#STAGGY: Let Loose Around Eesti Laul 2020

It’s Friday 28th February 2020 and our roving reporter Staggy has been let loose around the Saku Suurhall and Eesti Laul.

“It’s Rasmus!”

“STEFAN was loud!”

“My Synne… and two Viking fellas”

“A Duo in the form of Uudo Sepp next…”

“Uku – a favourite…”

“SHIRA – my bride?…”

“She was talkative, he was quiet…”

“I’m not the only Newbie this year!”

“There’s six… six of them!”

“And Squeakkk!!! There are freebies too!!!”

“A friendship is formed… Squeakkk!”

Author: Staggy Ristamouse

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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