Eurovision 2020

#PARTY: London Eurovision 2020 Hosts Announced

Today, this year’s hosts of the London Eurovision Party were announced. Nicki French sadly won’t be at the Cafe de Paris on Sunday 29th March (more information below) – however keeping Paddy O’Connell company this year will be the one and only SuRie!

This will be the third year running that SuRie will have attended the event. SuRie first appeared at the event before she represented the UK in Portugal. She then returned last year as a special guest.

Here is SuRie’s performance of “Storm” ahead of her appearance in Lisbon:

Video: YouTube/London Eurovision Party

As we mentioned above, Nicki French won’t be present at this year’s Party. She said the following on her Social Media:

“As you all know, I look on my role as presenter of this wonderful event as one of the highlights of my year. I have been lucky enough to have co-presented London Eurovision Party with Paddy O’Connell every year for the past 13 years bar one (coincidentally when I was working over in Ireland on the first version of ‘Menopause the Musical’). This year, due to my participation on ‘Menopause the Musical 2 – Cruising Through Menopause’, I sadly won’t be at LEP for only the second time in our history. I am so incredibly grateful to Kabir and Russell, who even tried to see if the date could be rescheduled so that I COULD be there – but it just wasn’t possible, I’m afraid. However, I know that you’ll all have a wonderful time (I just hope you might all miss me ‘just a LITTLE bit’) and at least you won’t need to keep a running tally of the frock count throughout the show!”

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: London Eurovision Party & Nicki French

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