Eurovision 2020

#NorthMacedonia – It’s Vasil to Rotterdam!

Macedonian Radio Television (MRT), North Macedonia’s public broadcaster, has announced today that Vasil will represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam.

Vasil is no stranger to Eurovision as he was a backing vocalist for Tamara Todevska last year in Tel-Aviv. He declared that participating at Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true. “I am beyond honoured to present my country at the Song Contest in Rotterdam and I can hardly wait to put all my experience and knowledge into creating a magical journey that will touch people’s heart across Europe.”

Until MRT will release the participating song, here is a taste of Vasil’s musical style. You’ll be surprised and in a good way 🙂

Author: Bogdan Fedeles

Source:, Youtube (music and still picture)

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