Eurovision 2020

Tonight : 1ST Semi-final Melodi Grand Prix Norway 2020 : LIVE BLOG 19.50 CET

God kveld Europa ! God Morgen Australia !Tonight , at the H3 Arena in Forenbu ,Norway starts its quest to find the successor to Keiino , who did a great job representing the country last year in Tel Aviv,with their song ” Spirit in the Sky ” winning the public vote and coming 6th overall in the Grand Final . This year is the 60th anniversary of Norway’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest and to commemorate this , the Norwegians have made some major changes to the selection process for choosing their entry , going away from just the one national final to having 5 regional semi finals, with each region getting its own semi final with artists and song writers from the region. One act from each semi final will qualify for the final to be held on 15th February in Trondheim and will go up against 5 acts already pre-selected to go to the final by the broadcaster NRK .The winner of the Final will be decided totally by public vote and will go on to represent Norway in Rotterdam, Netherlands in May.

Tonight kicks off with the South region of Norway and we will see four acts all aiming to win that place in the final . There will also be an appearance from the act already chosen by NRK to go forward to the final.

The acts are :

Kim Rysstad -Rainbow

Raylee -Wild

Geirmund-Come Alive

Lisa Børud-Talking about us

Pre -qualifier Sondrey with “Take my Time ” is expected to perform alongside the four hopefuls too .

Please join me, Sarah, later at 19.50 CET and follow our live blog of tonight’s show . You know the drill , just keep refreshing the page to see updates as we progress through the evening ! You can also follow the action HERE OR HERE .


Welcome back everyone, we are just waiting for NRK to give us the green light to be able to access Norwegian TV. Just to put you in the picture about tonight’s show, the four acts will be split into two duels, with the winner of each duel competing in a ” Gold “Final for the ticket to the Melodi Grand Prix final on 15th February in Trondheim. I have resisted temptation to listen to any of the four competing songs and the pre qualified finalist before tonight , so what you’ll get will really be a first impression ! Please feel free to give your own thoughts and opinions as we go along , Our hosts tonight are Kåre Magnus Bergh , who is hosting for a 6th time, Ingrid Gjessing and Ronny Brede Aase ( who are first time presenters ) . Will be back shortly when we hope to be able to go over to the H3 arena- Forenbu ..

AND WE’RE IN !!!! At the moment just watching the Norwegian lottery draw, Someone hopefully is going to be happy tonight !

We’re off , with a first look back at Tel Aviv and Keiino’s success and Norway’s previous successes at Eurovision . Now the contestants presumably talking of their hopes for tonight .

Now we’re being introduced to our presenters

They are talking about the 60 year anniversary of Norway’s participation in ESC and introducing the four acts for tonight

Kim Rysstad

Just going through the how to vote process now , only in Norway ofcourse !

Duel 1 Geirmund V Lisa Børud….we’re about to get going !!

GEIRMUND- “Come alive “

Dark stage with Giermund in a spotlight , Geirmund comes across as confident on stage, darkness changes to red lighting , backing drummers, it’s a good opener

Lisa Børud -“Talking about us”

Lisa seems to be very popular with the audience in the H3 arena. She’s in a pale blue trouser suit, starting off with one male backing dancer, then joined by two female backing dancers, also in blue. It’s a boppy little song but for me a bit repetitive and doesn’t really give me that wow factor that would make me vote for it….sorry Lisa !

They’re talking to Lisa’s grandfather in the audience now , along with other supporters in the audience . Hosts now telling the viewers to vote for their fave out of the two and showing a reprise of both acts . Both acts now on stage, by the way, I don’t speak a word of norwegian, relying on my knowledge of Danish,to follow things !

Gosh that was tense!!! Lisa is through …….No surprise really given her popularity here

Now for duel 2 ……

First they are talking to tonight’s act who has already prequalified for the final, Sondrey.. Showed him singing Boobysox’s ESC winner ” la det swinge”


Kim Rysstad -Rainbow.

Kim reminds me of a younger Bjorn Ulvaeus from Abba ! Kim is dressed in what could be described as a black jacket with yellow trimmings, looks a bit like something from the Navy ! Surrounded by a gold/yellow backdrop , it’s a power ballad and he sings well. It’s good , could have been made for a Bond movie , but I don’t think this would shine in Rotterdam.


Raylee is like a cross between Tamta from last year and Slavko from Montenegro 2017! In outfits resembling those worn by the females backing dancers for Paul Oskar, Iceland, 1997 ( for those who can remember that !) She’s joined by four backing dancers. It’s a lively performance and would certainly be noticed in Rotterdam .

More chat in the audience from Raylee supporters . Now we have the reprise for Duel 2 , who will join Lisa in the Gold Final ?

Nail biting times for Kim and Raylee…..who are now back on stage awaiting their fate

Here we go….the result …..


No surprise there either …

Lisa Borud V Raylee in the Gold final

Think we’re going to get the performance from Sondrey, the pre qualifed act now ….He’s just telling us about himself

Sondrey is all in red with four backing singers also in red, reminds me a bit of Robin Bengtsson for Sweden in 2017, minus the treadmills ! He’s a confident performer .

Some banter now between the presenters , which I have no clue what they are on about! Now we’re moving onto looking at the history of Melodi Grand prix .It’s interesting to see how much things have progressed as technology has progressed ! They are talking to one of the competitors from 1997 Marianne E Olsen

Here we go… the Gold Final

Lisa Børud

Lisa is undoubtedly a confident performer and sells her song well, I like this better on 2nd listen. She’s got male and female backing singers , with the male backing singers dressed in hoodies . On second watch, this could do ok in Rotterdam but don’t think it would reach Keiino’s dizzy heights !

More MGP history with Bobbysox and Secret Garden , Morland and Deborah Scarlett, to name a few, right up to Keiino in 2019


I can’t help but feel this is so much like Tamta and “Replay ” meets ” Eleni Foureira and Fuego , mixed in with Slavko ( Montenegro 2017)! This would probably do ok in Rotterdam.

Now we have a reprise of both songs

They are both back on stage now….this is so tense !!!! Talking to both performers families and supporters again .


IT’S ……….RAYLEE!!!!

So….Raylee with her song ” Wild ” are through to the final in Trondheim on 15th February.

Tune in next Saturday to Semi final 2 , to see who will join Raylee in the final .

What do you think? Do you think the right act went through tonight?

Thank you for following our blog tonight , it’s been a pleasure to be a part of it tonight. Goodnight everyone

Author-Sarah Rudman

Source -NRK

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