#2010s: Eurovision Choir Launched

In the 2010s, Eurovision launched Eurovision Choir – originally known as Eurovision Choir of the Year. Just like Young Musicians and Young Dancers, the new Contest takes place every other year.

Wales and Scotland also made their Eurovision debuts at this Contest.


The first edition took place in 2017, in the Latvian capital Riga. Slovenia took victory with Carmen Manet, who performed “Ta na Solbici/Adrca/Aj, zelena je vsa gora”.


In their Eurovision debut, Wales took second place. Cor Merched Sir Gar performed “O, Mountain, O/Mil harddach/Wade in the Water”.

Video: YouTube/Norfin


The second edition of Eurovision Choir took place in Gothenburg, earlier this year. Denmark took victory with Vocal Line, who performed “Viola” in the Superfinal. Wales and Scotland failed to reach the Superfinal.

Video: YouTube/ESC Flare

Wales were represented by Ysgol Gerdd Ceredigion, who performed “Cunla/Ar Lan y Mor”.

Video: YouTube/ESC Flare

Scotland made their debut at a Eurovision Contest in Gothenburg. They were represented by Alba, who performed “Cumha na Cloinne/Ach a’ Mhairead/Alba”.

Video: YouTube/ESC Flare

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Choir

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