Eurovision 2020

#MOLDOVA TRM Opens Submissions for 2020 – No More National Eurovision Final?

Anna Obobescu performing Stay in Tel Aviv

TRM – The National Broadcast Television from Moldova, has opened the submission period for the ones wanting to represent the country at Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

The organising committee of the national stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 contest has made public the National Preselection Regulation, which can be accessed on the website of the Public Company “Teleradio-Moldova”.

All those who want to represent the Republic of Moldova in the most popular music competition and have a song that could become a European hit, are urged to participate.

The users can submit the files at Moldova 1 headquarters, 64 Hînceşti street, until January 17 (inclusive). The file can also be sent by e-mail to with the audio material attached in mp3 or another accessible format.

Unlike other years, this year’s selection may contain two phases:

The first one is the submission of the songs. Each eligible submission has to be approved by the majority of the committee before it can advance to the next stage.

The second phase: live auditions, where there is no need for a whole concept or costumes. At this stage, the backing vocals can be prerecorded. The jury will decide 100% who is the winner by awarding points 0-12. In case there is a tie, the song with the most 12 points wins. If the tie still persists, the youngest member of the jury will decide the winner of the National Selection.

The Organiser (TRM) and the jury of the National Selection, can decide at their discretion if they want another phase (The National Final Eurovision 2020) or to stick with the result from the live auditions.

Earlier this year, Moldova was represented by Anna Odobescu with the song ‘Stay’, but unfortunately failed to qualify for the final.

Are you excited about the news? Do you want Moldova back in the Finals of Eurovision?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: TRM

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