Eurovision 2019

#CHOIR19: Introducing Slovenia – Jazzva

Reigning Champions’s Slovenia, return to this year’s Eurovision Choir contest in Gothenburg. This year, the Slovenian’s will be represented by Jazzva and will feature eighth in the running order.

The following biography about Jazzva has been sourced from the EBU Press Handbook. Therefore the following biography is credited to the European Broadcasting Union:

The vocal group Jazzva is an a cappella group from Slovenia and was formed in 2005. The original members, who were at that time singing in some of the best choirs in the country, decided they needed more musical freedom and creativity, wilder beats and a louder sound of their own. In the beginning, the artistic director wasAndreja Paščinski, but since 2009 the group is led by Jasna Žitnik.

Jazzva’s repertoire consists of many different genres; from pop, rock and jazz, to arrangements of folk songs and many more. The group is working with a number of excellent musical arrangers, from within their own ranks and beyond. They are more than successful in achieving all their little crazy ideas, which seem to find their way into the music.

The current group members have been singing together since 2018.

Jazzva won the Slovenian national pop-jazz a cappella competition Sredi zvezd in Žalec, threeconsecutive times. They also were awarded the prize for the best vocal arrangement of the competition on all three occasions (the last two years, the arrangements were created by the group’sartistic director, Jasna Žitnik).

In July 2014, Jazzva won the title of best vocal group of the Seghizzi competition in Gorizia, Italy, where they also won the audience award in the pop category and won silver in the jazz and pop categories of the renowned international a cappella competition in Graz, Austria. They were also invited on the concert tour in Sardinia, at the Concordia vocis festival in September 2014. In 2015, they won second place at the prestigious A cappella Wettbewerb Leipzig competition and performed in the semi-finals of Slovenia’s got talent. In 2017, they qualified to perform at one of the most demanding European acappella competitions – Tampeeren Sävelin Finland, and began to record their first CD in 2018 (to be released in the summer of 2019) and , last but not least, they were invited to represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Choir competition in 2019.

Jazzva loves to play with different sound colours and effects and wants to find its own special relationship with each-and-every song. After such a diverse amount of experiences and learning at two major European competitions, they are now trying to unearth their own musical style, sound and attitude. They are hope they are the right track.

Jazzva’s members love challenges and are on a constant learning curve year after year. Their ambitions are on the rise and will blossom even further, through their performances, organization of concerts, recording and their ever willingness to attend numerous festivals. Every Autumn in Ljubljana, they organize Popjazziada, now a stalwart festival of traditional vocal groups.

Oh yes, before we forget, they are stylish, beautiful, adorable, smart, talented and cool! And, oh, so modest!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: European Broadcasting Union

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