Eurovision 2019

#CHOIR19: Introducing Norway – Volve Vokal

Norway debut at this year’s Eurovision Choir contest in Gothenburg. This year, the Norwegians will be represented by Volve Vokal and will feature fifth in the running order.

The following biography about Volve Vokal has been sourced from the EBU Press Handbook. Therefore the following biography is credited to the European Broadcasting Union:

The choir Volve Vokal is an ensemble for women’s voices that was founded in 2006, from an idea of conductor Gro Espedal. The ensemble is Bergen-based and consists of 28 singers aged 20-35. Volve Vokal works purposefully to be topical, exploratory and groundbreaking, both musically and visually. The ensemble wants to create holistic and transcendent art experiences. Volve Vokal creates art with and through choral music. The choir works systematicallytomaintaina high, internationalmusicallevel. Volve Vokalregularlyparticipatesin competitions at home and abroad with contributions that are in line with the ensemble’s artist ic profile. Volve’s repertoire is varied, but with a focus on recent, Nordic music.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: European Broadcasting Union

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