#Eurovision : What does a fan from the more senior generation really think of the semi final rehearsals? -Part 2 – The Second semi -final: #Dare to Dream

While my colleagues are working hard in sunny Tel Aviv, bringing you live blogs of the rehearsals, meanwhile , back in the not quite so sunny UK , I started to have a think about how the more senior generation televoter may vote during our week of two semi finals and the Grand final ( and we’re talking of those old enough to recall the days of Volare, Danse vise and even Refrain !) . I asked my husband , Tony to give us his views on six of the semi final one rehearsal clips, with some surprising and not so surprising results ( with no influence from myself , I may add ! ) . I have invited him back to have a look at six of the second semi final rehearsal clips ( kindly selected by my colleague , James ) , again with absolutely no influence or attempt to lean him towards a particular song. These are his views and his views only . Let’s have a look what he had to say :

Azerbaijan :

Tony : ” I don’t think much of this to be honest but having said that it is only a few seconds clip. He has a nice voice but for me , it looks like he is trying too hard , it all seems a bit disjointed ” ( Sarah tells him that it’s actually gone up in the bookmaker’s odds and also in the estimations of many other Eurovision fans , which surprised him )

Sweden :

Tony : ” He has a lovely voice, in fact they are all great voices . It’s very catchy all round and classy but then Sweden’s entries always are . it’s definitely in with a chance of winning” ( Sarah isn’t surprised by this at all , he loved Austria last year and this is pretty similar , so…thumbs up for John Lundvik then !👏👍 )

Denmark :

Tony : ” I think this is a bit childish , she has quite a sweet voice but it’s not a sophisticated song, a bit too sugar sweet for me . I don’t think it’ll qualify ” (oh dear, not looking good for Leonora then ? 👎 😪 )

Moldova :

Tony: ” It’s a little bit of a disappointment . In comparison to the other Moldovan entries, it’s very ordinary ( Sarah can’t argue with him there !) . She has a nice voice and the sand or snow art – or whatever it is is very good but it’s all been seen before ” ( Sarah expected him to be disappointed after the last two years and back in 2011. He misses the pointed hats ! Perhaps my colleagues out in Tel Aviv could persuade Anna to wear a pointed hat as part of her perfomance, just to keep up the Moldovan reputation !😂 )

Russia :

Tony : ” He has a good voice but I’m not all that impressed by the staging , there doesn’t seem to be a theme to it , there’s just lots of him and nothing else ” ( Sarah thinks he may have a point there with the effects of several Sergeys appearing on the stage 🤔)

Croatia :

Tony: ” Again we have a singer with a strong voice but for me, it’s a very middle of the road song , quite difficult to know what to say really . Haven’t we seen wings before ?” ( Sarah reminds him that yes, we saw Lordi give us wings in 2006 , as did Belarus in 2010 )

So there you have it, just an insight into how people of my husband’s generation may vote during the shows this week , however this is just one person’s opinion and others may have a different view depending on how they view today’s show in comparison with the contest in its earlier days.

As with the semi final 1 review, I would just like to remind anyone reading this to please not feel offended if your fave act had a bad review, these are only Tony’s opinions and only a bit of light-hearted fun away from the serious stuff of the rehearsals going on in Tel Aviv.

Tune in and follow our live blogs for more insight and opinions into how your favourite act is faring . Do you think Tony may be right with some of his opinions?

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Eurovision.TV

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