#ESC2019 – Day 1 lunchtime thoughts

ESC2019 – Day 1 lunchtime thoughts

We took time out to talk over the first four rehearsals on day one. Do you agree with us. And do you see our newest team member? He doesn’t say much.

We also thank Phil Colclough of OnEurope and Sam Ross of ESC Insight.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. My first thoughts on Poland is that it’s a bit of a car crash at the moment,the outfits are not quite what I expected , thought they would have kept the more familiar Polish traditional dress . Really don’t get the staging at all and it all seems a bit cluttered at the moment .

    Finland- Oh dear ! I have never been that keen on the song in the first place and the staging I have seen today, via YouTube , doesn’t really change my mind about it at the moment. I totally agree with James’s views about camera movement, it’s almost like there is total disinterest in what the TV viewers are watching …who , will of course be the public voters !

    Cyprus, slick as expected but like James, concerned that there could be too much overkill on the staging.

    Czech Republic – I am pleased they have gone for simple , uncomplicated staging that makes you concentrate on the performers themselves and not what’s on stage . I have always liked this song but wasn’t sure of it’s chances pre rehearsals but having seen them now , think they have a good chance of qualifying

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