Eurovision 2019

#GERMANY: Unser Lied Fur Israel #LiveBlog – #JoinUs from 20:15 CET

This is the final of Unser Lied Fur Israel and the set of seven songs vying for Germany’s spot at the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Tel-Aviv – you know the drill, join me, Richard from 20:15CET by regularly refreshing the page!

Refresh from 20:15 CET

The news is over on ARD and Te Deum has played! Welcome to this year’s German NF. Michael Schulte opens the show, with some help from Barbara Schoneberger.

Barbara is hosting proceedings with Linda Zervakis this year. Barbara and Linda are talking to German commentator Peter Urban, who is joined by Micheal Schulte tonight.

Barbara and Linda introduce tonight’s acts. Linda explains the juries and the public voting.

Gregor Hägele – “Let Me Go”

Gregor is the first to the stage tonight. In a white t-shirt and black trousers, Gregor stands in front of a back projection showing a door, brick wall and windows. This soon changes to a night-scape. An easy-listening entry, “Let Me Go” is a similar genre to last year’s German attempt in Lisbon.

Aly Ryan – “Wear Your Love”

Aly is dressed in white, as is her two backing dancers. Aly is highlighted with a red light. Their outfits are used to project images, alongside the back projection. CGI graphics are used to show various words on stage. Very modern and clubby, but I can’t see it on a Eurovision stage.

Makeda Purple – “The Day I Loved You Most”

Makeda is alone on stage in a stunning golden fitted ballgown. The lighting and back projections stick to a similar blue colour scheme. At close up with the camera, Makeda doesn’t looked lost on the stage, while the wide shots make it look a grand affair. A pyro curtain near the end doesn’t help cover some of the dodgy notes.

Barbara and Linda talk to the locals AND the non-locals in the audience.

BB Thomaz – “Demons”

Dressed in orange, BB is at the top of a staircase. At times during “Demons”, it feels like BB is having a conversation with herself, rather than singing the words. She is joined by two dancers in white, who seem to be using a trampoline to reach her up high.

Lilly Among Clouds – “Surprise”

Oh Lilly’s first notes are very dodgy. She is dressed in a full-length red dress. A black cummerbund also features. With shooting blue sparks on the back projection, it soon turn into fire ball imagery. It’s a big if, but if this went to Tel Aviv, it’ll need a lot of work overall.

Linus Bruhn – “Our city”

Another young man like Gregor, the teenage girls are likely to go wild. Bomber jacket, t-shirt and trousers give Linus a modern and youthful look. The back projection provides a city scape – but made of words. This is mainly in blues, but yellows appear during the chorus. While modern, “Our city” never really gets going.

Sisters – “Sister”

With red lighting, our Sisters are in black leather-esque clothing. Focusing on one another, with the added dry-ice, we have a dramatic stage show on screen. A moving circular stage – a la Australia 2017 – is in use at points. At other points, the raised stage rotates completely too. A good finish to the seven entries tonight.

We go back to Peter Urban in the commentary booth, joined by Micheal Schulte for additional opinion. Barbara and Linda open the public voting by pushing a big red button.

A voting recap is happening now. We now have a travel video about Tel Aviv. We now have another voting recap.

Micheal Schulte is back to the stage with “Back To The Start”. Public voting is ongoing.

Barbara and Linda are back amongst the audience and the fans.

Lena, the 2010 German Eurovision Song Contest winner, is back on the stage. Voting continues.

The German band Revolverheld have taken to the stage, after the latest voting recap.

Another video voting recap.

Public voting is CLOSED!

Linda is with more of the audience. Barbara returns us to Peter Urban, who introduces us to Andreas Bourani and Udo Lindenberg – singing “Radio Song”.

Artist interviews are now taking place. The suspense is drawn out.

Udo Lindenberg is back with “Walk On The Wild Side”.

Linda explains the voting again.

The International Jury favourite is: Sisters

The 100 Jury favourite is: Aly Ryan

The final result is given by Jon Ola Sand. The winner is Sisters!!!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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