Eurovision 2019

#ROMANIA TOP 5 Finish Selectia Nationala – Eurovision Ireland has voted!

Selectia Nationala 2019 Finalists @TVR

With only a couple of hours left until the Final of Selectia Nationala 2019, Eurovision Ireland and friends gathered to cast their votes for the Final.

Each member had the chance to vote from 1 to 5 (5 being the favourite one to win).

Here are the top 5 results:

On 5th Place with 8 points Trooper – Destin

On 4th Place with 9 points Vaida – Underground

3rd Place with 13 points Letitia Moisescu & Sensibil Balkan – Daina

2nd Place with 18 points Bella Santiago – Army of love

And drum roll…. 1st Place with 27 points Laura Bretan – Dear Father

Do you agree with our Top 5? Honorable mentions go to Olivier Kaye (7 points) and Ester Peony (6 points).

Who do you want to win Selectia Nationala tonight? Let us know!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland, TVR (picture)

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