Eurovision 2018

#LATVIA – Live Blog of Supernova 1st Semi Final from 20:25 CET #DareToDream

Labs vakars Eiropa un labs rīts Austrālija! Tonight is the start of Supernova, Latvia’s route to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019!

Sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own James Scanlan entertain and inform you. As always, feel free to tell me what you think and give your opinions about tonight’s Final and who your favourites are! I might even shout out to you in the blog 😉

Tonight is the first of 2 semi finals where 8 songs will sing , of which 4 will progress to the final on February 16th. They will be joined by the Top 4 from the second semi on February 2nd and then out of these 8 finalists, the winner will go on to sing for Latvia in Tel Aviv. Tonight’s contestants in alphabetical order are:

Aivo Oskis – “Somebody’s Got My Lover”

Alekss Silvērs – “Fireworks”

Edgars Kreilis – “Cherry Absinthe”

Elza Rozentāle – “You Came on Tiptoe”

Kris & Oz – “Midnight Streets”

Laime Pilnīga – “Awe”

Līga Rīdere – “Būšu Tepat”

Samanta Tīna – “Cutting The Wire”

Tonight’s winners will be selected by a mixture of votes from a jury of music professionals, and also the Latvian public via a televote.

If you want to watch the fun too, you can watch HERE from 20:25CET / 19:25 GMT.

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments, points of view and all that Eurovision Ireland goodness you know and love!


Check back later for all the fun of Supernova Eurovision fans!

Good evening Europe, we have about 10 minutes left till Supernova – until then, enjoy this Latvian weather broadcast!

Hmmm…. maybe I should consider leaving that trip to Ukraine till it stops being -7…

If you have a Latvian lottery ticket with these numbers, the congratulations! Remember your good friends at Eurovision Ireland 😉

Lots of lottery draws tonight…

Here we go!!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all…

Ah, these are our hosts for tonight!

The stage reminds me a bit of SuRie’s box from Lisbon… hopefully minus the uninvited guest…

Our hosts are having a good natter… shame I have no idea what about… I’ve picked out the words for hello and thank you though… oh, and Supernova!

Their outfits compliment each other very well!

We’re now meeting the jury, who will have a part in deciding who makes it to the final of Supernova next month

As well as a jury, we also have a DJ!

We’re now being given a run down of the artists taking part tonight… is there a 2nd winner for Latvia among them?

And it’s on to the first song of the night, Midnight Streets by Kris & Oz. It’s worth mentioning I’ve not heard any of these songs, so this is my first (and unfiltered!) reaction!

Kris & Oz – Midnight Streets

My first reaction is “Why didn’t she dry her hair before coming on stage?!” – it’s a kind of slow jazzy number, but after nearly 2 minutes it hasn’t built up much and feels a bit nondescript. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to hear in the background at a bar or coffee shop. Sorry Kris, I think this wouldn’t stand out much in Tel Aviv. I liked the staging though, simple but worked well.

The judges are giving her some feedback. I can’t tell by her expression if she’s happy about what they’re saying or not, she’s keeping her cards quite close to her chest

The jury are giving quite detailed feedback by the sounds of it… Kris’ face still hasn’t moved….

So, this show has been on for half an hour and we’ve had one song… apparently Supernova is Latvian for Sanremo Festival…. *nervous laughter*

Time for adverts – buy things, save the economy!

I think that was an advert for LT’s answer to University Challenge!

And we’re back – and our hosts seem to be flirting with one of the jurors… and on that note, on to the next song!

Alekss Silvērs – Fireworks

We’ve all heard of the woman in red, but Alekss is a man in red looking very imposing against the black and white camera work. The dancer with her flowing skirt and modern movements is giving me flashbacks to another Alekss’ song in Lisbon that had a similar theme… and stunned an entire press centre into silence! Visually, I love it. It’s striking and there’s a lot of movement. Vocally, Alekss sings well but the song doesn’t do enough to grab my attention in those 3 minutes – which I think could hamper it.

Our Supernova jury deliberate once more

Sarah says that Kris looks like the lady who bought her house last year – stranger things have happened Sarah, maybe it is the same woman!

Alekss chats with one of the hosts… he looks a tiny bit crestfallen. Wish I could understand what they were saying in more detail. I got that he’s thanking his fans

Song #3 up next, and the only song tonight in Latvian!

Līga Rīdere – Būšu Tepat

OK, anyone who knows me knows that I always like it when a country sends a song in their home language. And this is no exception! But it’s not just because Liga is singing in Latvian that I like this. It’s simple, has a beautiful melody and she sings with conviction, something I feel that was missing from previous performances tonight. This is my favourite so far tonight, and it’s been far too many years since we’ve heard Latvian at the contest!

Am I the only one who thinks she’s channelling Niamh Kavanagh with that costume and hair?

It’s interesting that Liga is the only performer so far who has smiled during her feedback… does that mean she’s getting better comments?

Song #4 up next – can you believe we’re already half way there?

Laime Pilnīga – Awe

For a song called Awe, I was expecting a bit of a wow factor to go with it… this song feels like it’s trying to go down the country route, but isn’t quite getting there… while a nice guitar led song often does well at the contest, I don’t feel like this is strong enough to do so. Sorry, not a fan.

The band shuffle awkwardly as the judges give their verdicts… but at least they seem to relaxed a bit now and are smiling

Oh look, product placement!

Time to enjoy some more Latvian adverts, see you in a bit!

Gosh, Latvian soap operas look even more dramatic and overacted that the Hispanic telenovelas!

And we’re back just in time to see our hosts beatbox… the things you get to see on Eurovision national selections!

“Itz virry impurtant to zing viff nuh aksent!”…. riiiiiight…. lol! And on to Song #5

Edgars Kreilis – Cherry Absinthe

Clad in leather, Edgars connects well with the camera and is giving us the biggest show of the night so far, bopping away enthusiastically with his backing dancers. Looking at him I’m put in mind of a mix of Omar Naber from Slovenia and Sweden’s Eric Saade… unusual mix! This is also the liveliest beat we’ve had so far tonight. OK, it’s not a show-stopper, but still not bad at all and a nice break from the ballads and slower songs we’ve had so far

Edgars seems quite lively, he’s interacting quite a bit with the jury.

Completely unrelated point, but does absinthe come in cherry flavour? I thought it was… well… absinthe flavoured?

Song number… 6? 7? A million?

Elza Rozentāle – You Came on Tiptoe

I was about to type about how I loved this song in theory as a sweet image, but that it didn’t really deliver much… then the trapeze dancing started! I like the idea of the song, it’s a lovely romantic image and the staging was definitely unique and did keep my attention. I think this will be an easy qualifier tonight – hope the arena in Tel Aviv has room for a trapeze!

I feel like I’ve seen Elza’s costume at Eurovision before…. anyone agree?

Somebody’s got Aivo’s lover… surely that’s a matter for the police?

Aivo Oskis – Somebody’s Got My Lover

The songs have certainly picked up in tempo as the evening’s gone on! Aivo performs confidently and will definitely appeal to any teenage girls voting in Latvia tonight. The song itself has a nice beat, but is a bit one dimensional musically – would be nice if it had a key change or crescendo to push it over the top. And it’s the most excited the audience have been all night!

These judges certainly like to give detailed feedback!

Another add break here in Latvia, so we’ll be back in a bit! 😀

An advert to remind you Supernova has a 2nd semifinal next weekend – let joy be unconfined!

We’re back – only 2 more songs to go!

Is anyone else missing the Riga Beaver?

Samanta Tīna – Cutting The Wire

Do you remember Tajci from Yugoslavia? Can you imagine a modern interpretation in jeans with a bit of a grunge feel to her? Well wonder no more! This entry feels like it’s been written by a rhyming dictionary (wire, fire, desire) and is quite bland. I applaud Samanta for performing with conviction and really selling the song, it’s just there isn’t much to sell and it’s left me quite cold.

I’d love to know what she uses to keep her hair in place!

So while the jury discuss Samanta’s entry, I’ll compose my thoughts about who I think will qualify tonight 🙂

Tonight’s selection of songs have all been really different and quite a mixed bag. I think Aivo, Edgars and Elza are all likely qualifiers and I’d love Liga to make the cut too. Those would be my choices, the other songs didn’t really stand out much for me. Let’s see if I’m right!

That was a lovely moment when our hosts were about to pop a confetti canon to announce the voting lines opening… except, of course being live TV it didn’t go according to plan, didn’t work and they had to abandon it and throw it across the stage! XD The perils of being live!

Having a recap of our 8 songs tonight… 14 cents for a vote? That’s quite cheap compared to others!

My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive… no? Nobody else thinks he looks like the Flash?

Last minute pleas for votes from the Green Room… well, Green Line… pick me, pick me!!

Another recap of our hopefuls – who will Latvia pick?

Everyone is gathered on stage and the lines have closed! Whose Eurovision dream is about to end, and whose has just began?

It’s worth mentioning that it’s almost midnight in Latvia… are we any nearer an answer?

First semi finalist is Samanta, followed by Edgars and Aivo!

Who has that last spot?

The last qualifier is Laime…. did not see that coming!

Did not see this coming either… apparently I’m done! Thanks for reading along, I’ve been James, thank you Europe and good night!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland, LT

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  1. They go on a bit don’t they ? Think I am about as successful as you in trying to translate Latvian. I did think for one minute that they had raided the BBC Eurovision archives for the stage props from 2018 ! 🙂

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