Eurovision 2018

#SPAIN: Live blog of Operación Triunfo Gala Eurovisión from 22.05 CET! #OTCalling

¡Buenas noches Europa, y buenos días Australia! Tonight we’ll discover who gets to fly the flag for Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 – that’s right, it’s time for Operación Triunfo Gala Eurovisión!

Sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own James Scanlan entertain and inform you. As always, feel free to tell me what you think and give your opinions about tonight’s Final and who your favourites are! I might even shout out to you in the blog 😉

This Eurovision Gala comes to us live from the gorgeous metropolis of Barcelona. This year 10 songs are battling it out for that ticket to Tel Aviv in May, including 9 artists and a duet between two of them. The running order for tonight’s show is as follows:

1 – Marilia – “Todo Bien”

2 – Sabela – “ Hoy Soñaré”

3 – Famous – “”No Puedo Más”

4 – Natalia “La Clave”

5 – Julia – “Qué Quieres Que Haga”

6 – Miki – “La Venda”

7 – Noelia – “Hoy Vuelvo A Reír Otra Vez”

8 – Carlos Right – “Se Te Nota”

9 – Miki & Natalia – “Nadie Se Salva”

10 – María – “Muérdeme”

Tonight’s result will be chosen by 100% televote from the Spanish public, but there will be panel of jurors keeping an eye on proceedings too. This will be made up of OT judge Manuel Martos, Spanish Eurovision commentator Tony Aguilar, former Eurovision contestant Pastora Soler and the composer of last year’s winning entry, Doron Medalie. Eurovision diva Eleni Foureira is also going to perform!

If you want to watch the fun too, you can watch HERE or HERE from 22:05 CET / 21:05 GMT. You can also watch on YouTube Live HERE

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments, points of view and all that Eurovision Ireland goodness you know and love!


I know you’re excited- but you’re also too early! Come back a little later! 😀

Buenos tardes a todos! We’re only minutes away from the start of Operacion Triunfo! Make yourself a cuppa and get settled in – this could be a long one!

The geoblock has been lifted and you can now watch the feed. Is it bad I want those glow in the dark marker pens?

8 million Euros on the lottery? Yes please… !! Wonder if I could use part of that to convince Bosnia and Slovakia to come back to Eurovision…

Here we go! The contestants are singing Israel’s reigning winner, Toy. Does one of them have what it takes to bring the trophy back to Spain after so many years?

Our host for this evening chatting to the 9 hopefuls. The director of Universal Records Spain said any of these acts would make a great choice for Spain – so no pressure!

And our judges for tonight – including the singer of my all-time favourite Spanish entry, Pastora Soler! ❤

Remember, these judges can only offer their opinions – tonight’s choice belongs to the Spanish public alone!

Enough talk, it’s time for the music! First up is Marilia!

Marilia – “Todo Bien” – (All Good)

What a start to tonight’s show! It has a real calypso/latin feel to it (which is fab!) but quite a reggaton chorus. It’s quite a fusion of styles, and it’s choreographed really well with her suited and booted mail dancers. Vocally, she needs a touch of work, but after last year’s subdued ballad, this would make a nice change. Well done Marilia, bien hecho!

Due to technical issues, I didn’t catch all the judge’s thoughts, only that it’s a really happy song – which it is!

Sabela – “ Hoy Soñaré” (Today I Will Dream)

I really like the staging of this one, the pale green lights and shapes give it really dreamy and peaceful quality. Sabela has quite a powerful voice, but she seems quite nervous and I think it’s getting the better of her, especially in that crescendo. While it’s a lovely song, I fear for it if it goes to Eurovision. Understated and simple can work, but it has to be vocally flawless or it may get lost. But a well staged performance nonetheless!

Yay! Pastora Soler agrees with me, stating that folk pop songs have to be perfect

The composers said this song was written with this year’s slogan in mind – Dare To Dream!

Sarah is watching in Belgium and says she’d love Spain to win again – it has indeed been a long time since 1969! Is there a winner amongst these performers?

Famous – “”No Puedo Más” (I Can’t Anymore)

This is the first song tonight that has a kind of sing-along chorus. It’s a really soulful sounding song with nice gospel touches here and there. I think something like this could do well at Eurovision, it’s perhaps not an outright winner, but the sort of song that most people would have somewhere in their Top 10s. A solid performance there Famous!

One of the judges said this song would be a good representative for Spain at Eurovision. Bogdan, however, says this sounds remarkably like a Spanish song with very similar lyrics by Jon Secada from the 1990s… hmmm…

Natalia “La Clave” (The Key)

Another entry with a good polished performance, with sharp moves from female backing dances. For me, it’s a touch style over substance. The song is repetitive and while it sounds like Natalia has a good voice, this song doesn’t let her showcase it enough. That being said, easily one of the best routines tonight in staging – so bravo!

Natalia seems happy with the judge’s comments. The songs this year are a lot more upbeat and energetic than last year – bring that Iberian fire, Spain! Aye-aye-aye 😉

Julia – “Qué Quieres Que Haga” (What Do You Want Me To Do)

The bulb from Italy’s 2016 entry seems to have grown wild and taken over most of the stage. Either that, or the triffids have landed! But it looks pretty and is instantly memorable. For what sounds like quite a heartfelt ballad, it’s actually got quite a dance beat underneath it – it works well! Julia sings beautifully and with conviction, which is a must at Eurovision. Possibly my favourite so far tonight!

Doron says it’s beautiful and others are saying they can feel the drama and passion in this song – so true! Could this be one to watch?

We’re now half way through the songs – doesn’t time fly when you’re watching national selections!

Miki – “La Venda” (The Band)

The mere mention of his name drove the audience wild and they’re really getting behind this entry more than any other so far tonight. They’re on their feet and he’s definitely not staying still either (getting a screen grab was tricky!) What do I think? Well, if you love these chants that drive people into a frenzy, it’s fantastic. If not, it’s a a long 3 minutes. But personal thoughts aside, the audience loves him!

Oh wow… the audience are chanting “Miki to Eurovision!” over and over… they’re calling it the hit of the summer, and one judge is convinced this will win Eurovision 2019… they seem to have picked their winner!

They said Miki has enthusiasm – that he does, he kept bouncing around for that entire number!

Noelia – “Hoy Vuelvo A Reír Otra Vez” (Today I’ll Laugh Again)

Wow… from the promo, I’m expecting BIIIG things! Noelia is channelling Pastora’s heart-rending performance from Baku and she certainly had the voice to back it up… I have chills! Everything about this performance is sublime… the simple lights, that incredible voice, the emotion it conveys… Spain, escucha me bien… if you want to get anywhere near the Top 10 again… I’ve chosen my winner tonight ❤

Pastora agrees, stunning performance and an amazing voice! Noelia looks quite overcome, bless her!

Carlos Right – “Se Te Nota” (Do You Notice)

I’m getting flashbacks to Manel Navarro with that guitar… Carlos definitely has the look to drive the teenage girl contingent wild, but the song itself isn’t the strongest entry we’ve seen tonight. It does have a nice guitar beat, but it lacks any kind of crescendo or anything that will grab attention musically. I fear that Carlos’ charm wouldn’t be enough to sell this and it would struggle in Tel Aviv.

If the next duo look familiar, it’s because they should! It’s the only duet tonight, Miki and Julia who have both already taken to the stage tonight.

Admittedly, this is the only song I’d heard ahead of tonight’s selection and I was impressed. Let’s see what they do with it live…

Miki & Natalia – “Nadie Se Salva” (No One Is Saved)

With it’s throbbing reggaeton beat and sing-along lyrics, I suspected this would be one to watch tonight and I still think it would be a fantastic entry for Spain to sent to Tel Aviv. It’s a good performance, but I expected amazing. Miki and Natalia look a little mismatched together, but such things can be ironed out between now and May

Pastora loves it! She says it’s got all the ingredients of a great Eurovision song – it certainly has, it just needs a little tweak here and there to be a fantastic one!

Our last song of the night! Another fan favourite, have RTVE saved the best for last?

María – “Muérdeme” (Bite Me)

Another grinding beat (they never get old!) and I can see why this song was popular from the moment it was announced. My biggest concern for Maria is she seems to be walking through the choreography, not living it. She’s smiling a lot, which is nice that she’s enjoying it so much, but it seems at odds with the mood of the song and adds to the whole feeling that’s she’s not really there. Pity, I’d hoped for a bigger wow factor, but the audience love her.

So that’s it, all the artists have performed and we’ve heard all the songs. It’s over to the people of Spain now, who will be voting for their Eurovision representative. Lines will be opening soon! Do you have your favourites?

La Venda is still getting a lot of reaction from the audience… will the people at home agree?

So while we’re having a recap (that they seem to have completely changed the order from, showing songs 1, 10, 9, 8, 3, 5, 7… pretty sure I wasn’t taught to count that way in Spanish!) I’ll compile my own thoughts about tonight and share them 🙂

But first, a quick look back at Alfred and Amaia, Spain’s Eurovision entrants from last year… back when they were so madly in love… awkward…

And even more awkwardly, here’s Alfred minus Amaia…

Right, so I think Noelia and “Hoy Vuelvo A Reír Otra Vez” is the obvious choice here. She’s amazing and her vocals will easily propel Spain back into the Top 10. This being said, given the audience’s reaction tonight I think it’ll come down to “Nadie Se Salva” or “La Venda”, which with a bit of work could also do well at Eurovision. I’d also like to give a special shout out to “Qué Quieres Que Haga” too, as that was really beautiful. I’m impressed Spain, you had a lot of great songs in this selection tonight!

A musical romp back through Lisbon in 2018… hard to believe this was almost a year ago now!

Lines are closing soon – make good choices, Spain!

While we wait for a result, we’ve just got time for a mash-up of Fuego and Tomarme from reigning Eurovision diva Eleni Foureira – she’s still got it!!

Eleni may have come second, but she’s really making a name for herself and has been performing everywhere. Proof that hard work always pays off and that staging at Eurovision really can make or break a song!!

Eleni is thanking the Spanish public for all their love and support – she really is loved, you only have to go on Facebook to see how much! ❤

Wise words from Miss Foureira! She’s lovely!

Another recap… Eleni showed us how it’s done, can anyone else in this line-up scale the scoreboard like she did?

It’s midnight in the Canary Islands, and the lines are closed! Spain, your fate is sealed… who have your chosen?

Before we hear the result, here’s the obligatory reprise of last year’s entry… but as Alfred and Amaia aren’t on good terms, here’s the video from their performance in Lisbon last May. Real shame, they clearly were happy then

Results time!! Who is getting that ticket to Tel Aviv?

Se Te Nota is 10th with 1% of the vote

Hoy Soñaré is 9th, Qué Quieres Que Haga is 8th

No Puedo Más 7th, Todo Bien 6th

La Clave is 5th

Hoy Vuelvo A Reír Otra Vez is 4th… Spain, that’s not a good thing…

Nadie Se Salva is 3rd

So the winner is…


So Miki will sing at Eurovision this May in Tel Aviv. Thanks for reading along tonight, I’ve been James and you’ve been great! Thank you Europe, and good night!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland
Image Source: RTVE

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  1. Miki has a bit too much energy for my liking,fan favourites don’t always translate into success at Eurovision, think back to 2002 and all the hype around Rosa when the Spaniards were convinced she would win….she didn’t even make top 5! I do have a feeling though that he will be the one they pick ,just simply due to the reception it got and the fact that it’s a public vote that decides the winner

    • Very true, fan favourites don’t always translate into placings! There have been several songs that I think would go down well in Tel Aviv tonight!

  2. Hoping we get a decent Spanish entry this year. I would love Spain to win,if only to see whether they would get their own back on Portugal for putting them 2nd in the running order last year !

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