Dancing On Ice

#DOI: Saara Aalto Returns To Skate AND Sing Tonight!!!

In week one of this year’s Dancing On Ice, Saara Aalto wowed the judges and the viewers to avoid the dance off – which took place in week two last week. Sadly Mark Little, of Neighbours fame, was the first to be eliminated.

Saara Aalto did take part in the group dance, based in a hotel:

YouTube/Dancing On Ice

This week is Movies week and while Saara Aalto will be skating as the audience would expect, she will also be sining a new version of “Let It Go”. Saara will be dressed as Elsa from Frozen for the performance. Saara Aalto is known for singing “Let It Go” on many occasions – including this version in multiple languages:

YouTube/Saara Aalto

We will bring you the results after tonight’s show and hopefully Saara Aalto will progress into week four.

Author: Richard Taylor


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