Eurovision 2019

#JESC19: Krakow Rumoured – Decision Still To Be Made!

Earlier today, it was revealed in an interview with TVP Info that Noel Curran had revealed this year’s host city of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest – Krakow:

“This competition is growing year by year in terms of audience and number of participants, but also for quality. This is a very important event. We are constantly wondering how to attract young customers, and here we have a platform through which we can gain millions, and even tens of millions of young recipients all over Europe. This is a fantastic event that will take place in Krakow and I can not wait, I will definitely be there.”

However, the decision on the host city has yet to be made according to TVP, who released the following statement:

“Talks about the place where Junior Eurovision 2019 will take place are still going on. The city of Krakow is one of several candidates for the host of the event, other cities are also taken into account. “

The decision on the host city will be confirmed over the next few weeks. Eurovision Ireland are looking forward to visiting Poland for the first time – whether it’ll be Krakow or another city.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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