Eurovision 2018

#POLL – The BEST of the EUROVISION 70s!

Recently, we here at Eurovision Ireland wrote about ESC Radio’s annual Top 250, in which we noted that only 63 of these song came from the first 40 years of Eurovision.  Many of you took to social media to say you thought this a great shame – and we thought so too – so we’re doing something about it!

So we’re back with the 2nd instalment of Eurovision Ireland’s Best of the Eurovision XXs Polls! Each poll will look at one of the decades from the 20th century (And ONLY contests before 1999!) and let you choose your favourites from times gone by – with no millennial entries flooding the poll!

The Top 20 from each poll will then be added to a running list to create your Top 100 Eurovision favourites of the 20th century. We’ve already had a look at the Eurovision 1980s and you voted in your thousands. This poll is still running, so be sure to vote there too! Now it’s time to move back in time with a look the 1970s at our beloved contest!

The seventies saw 4 countries win Eurovision for the first time, including Ireland at the beginning of the decade. Sweden’s love affair with the contest also first bloomed with their iconic victory in Brighton, there were two sets of back-to-back winners from Israel and Luxembourg and it was also the last time both France and the Netherlands had Eurovision victories – so all in all, quite a busy decade!

176 songs took to the Eurovision stage during the 1970s – question is, which ones do you love? Which are you still listening to today? Let us know! Songs are listed ALPHABETICALLY by their TITLES – so scroll through and find your favourites!

VOTE FOR AS MANY SONGS AS YOU LIKE!! We know, we spoil you! 😉

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland
Image Source: Facebook.

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