#FRA: Destination Eurovision Semi-final One

#FRA: Destination Eurovision Semi-final One

On Saturday, France Télévisions launches its hunt for a representative for Tel Aviv. As we’ve reported, 18 acts will perform over two semi-finals. That’s nine in each semi-final. The top four from each semi-final will make it through to the final on Saturday 26 January.

The results will be decided by a 50/50 split of jury and televote. The televote speaks for itself, but the jury consists of five-members who are internationals. France 2 has obviously realised that the French audience can’t vote in the final, so they’re getting a feel of what’s liked internationally.

The jury is David Tserunyan from Armenia, Tali Eshkoli from Israel, Paul Jordan from the UK, Sanja Vučić from Serbia and Carla Bughalo from Portugal. You may recognise some of these names.

But who is in the first semi-final?

Aysat – Comme une grande

Battista Acquaviva – Passiò

Bilal Hassani – Roi

Chimène Badi – Lá-haut

Florina – In the shadow

Lautner – J’ai pas le temps

Mazy – Oulala

Naestro – Le brasier

Silvàn Areg – Le petit Nicolas

You can find extracts of the songs on the Destination Eurovision Youtube channel HERE.

As we know, Madame Monsieur won Destination Eurovision 2018 with Mercy. You know how their song went, so here’s an extract from their national final performance.

Destination Eurovision is being broadcast on France 2, and internationally on TV5Monde. The show starts at 21.00 CET. We will be blogging it for your pleasure.

Have you listened to the songs? Do you have a favourite? Tell us what you think.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, Destination Eurovision

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