Eurovision 2019

#SPAIN: RTVE reveals hopefuls for Eurovision 2019

ES - OT 2019

#SPAIN: RTVE reveals hopefuls for Eurovision 2019

Spain, one of the Big 5, has revealed the line-up of participants competing for the lucky ticket to Tel Aviv next May.

Seventeen songs have been selected by a special jury for an online vote. But what are they?

Famous “No puedo más” (I can’t take it anymore)
Miki “La venda” (The blindfold)
“El equilibrio” (The balance)
Alba Reche “¿Qué será luego?” (What’s next?)
Miki and Natalia “Nadie se salva” (No one is safe)
Julia “Qué quieres que haga” (What do you want me to do)
Natalia “La clave” (The key)
Sabela “Dímelo de frente” (Tell it to me straight up)
“Hoy soñaré” (I’ll dream today)
Noelia “Hoy vuelvo a reír otra vez” (Today I’m laughing again)
Marilia “Todo bien” (Everything’s alright)
María “Muérdeme” (Bite me)
Carlos Right “Se te nota” (You can’t hide it)
“Nunca fui” (I never went)
Damion “Sale” (It comes up)
Marta “Vuelve” (Come back)
Joan Garrido and Marilia “A tu lado” (By your side)

From these, a Gala show will be used to decide the winner. Between three and ten songs will compete sometime in January.

As we all know, Spain sent Amaia & Alfred to Lisbon. They finished 23rd out of the 26 entries with the song ‘Tú canción’. Here’s their performance.

How will Spain fare in Israel? Would you like to see them win? Tell us what you think.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland


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