Choir Of The Year

#CHOIR19: Participation Deadline This Friday


Matthew Trustram, the Project Manager for Eurovision Choir of the Year has confirmed to our friends over at Eurovoix that Friday is the deadline for interested participating broadcasters. He did state however, that some broadcasters have been given more time – how long the extension is and who those broadcasters are have not been disclosed.

The Contest is open to 10-12 participating broadcasters. If more than twelve broadcasters wish to participate, then the Steering Group will decide which twelve will be allowed to participate. It looks like there is no exception to the maximum participation rule, compared to the Junior Eurovision song Contest this year, where the Steering Group has allowed an additional two countries on top of them eighteen maximum in taking part.

Belgium (RTBF), Romania (TVR) and Wales (S4C) are the only three countries to have confirmed participation so far. With the Contest been held in Gothenburg, SVT have ruled themselves out, so will TV4 be representing Sweden?

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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